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  1. S

    Am I being bullied?

    Hi, I think I am being bullied (I always had a gut feeling I din't feel comfortable within the group)...I started an antenatal group (privately NCT) as there were no NHS once going on due to a maternity move to another hospital. I felt ok on the course that we did, there wasn’t much time one to...
  2. Karian


    Hi I am Karen a SAHM of 2 boys
  3. K


    hi,I'm Karen, on and off situational depression, years of self-harming, now in recovery x
  4. T

    Karen Carpenter

    Quite a few famous Artists who sang love songs had untimely deaths Karen Carenter died very young of Anorexia I often wonder if the called themselves ' The carpenters ', as a reference to Jesus ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6inwzOooXRU