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  1. G

    Mental health news this week

    Coronation Street’s Samia Longchambon reveals secret battle with anxiety as other soap stars open up on struggles with depression - Coronation Street'''s Samia Longchambon reveals secret battle with anxiety as other soap stars open up on struggles with depression on Mental Health Awareness week...
  2. G

    Mental health news this week

    Mental Health Awareness Week (14 to 20 May 2018) is about stress and how we’re coping with it - Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems National Survivor User Network (NSUN) Bulletin - Tuesday 8 May - NSUN Bulletin Tuesday 8 May...
  3. J

    Wondering husband

    Hi everyone, I'll try to keep this short but also try to get as much info in as I can. So let's begin. My wife has filed for divorce, moved out and got her own apartment and is totally pushing me away and running from me. Evan more odd is this has happened all in about 2 weeks. She sees a...
  4. G

    Mental health news this week

    . . Everton footballer Aaron Lennon was detained under the Mental Health Act by police over concerns for his welfare - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39788226 Fiona Phillips opens up about battle with depression during time on Strictly Come Dancing. Read more at - Fiona Phillips opens...
  5. N

    GP Appointment

    HI all, I have since phoned earlier this morning, the GP service, they couldn't fit me in for an advance one for a particular GP, I wished for, in May, so it has been booked for the 5th of June, in the afternoon. For broaching any problematic situations, I prefer to see this one, than my...
  6. I

    Hello from isthisit

    Hi All, I'm glad that I found this forum and looking forward to sharing with you all. I have been off work for about a month dealing with depression, anxiety, and ocd. I have been plagued with this issues for many many years. I did everything I could to push these feelings aside. Needless to...
  7. A

    PIP backdated pay

    hi i was aleady on dla since 1999 and was invited to transfer to pip on june 2014 i have waited until march 11 2015 before having my face to face assesment i did not have any care allowance so when i spoke with the pip advisor on the 3 rd of june 2014 i had new illnesses so have now been...
  8. sahasrara

    3 liability orders issued on council tax arrears that I didn't even know I had

    3 liability orders issued on council tax arrears that I didn't even know I had So ive got 3 letters for 3 amounts of council tax saying ive been issued a liability order passed in court in dec 12, june 12 and june 13. I had no knowledge of these debts! Ive worked my ass off this last year to...
  9. G

    Mental health news this week

    Police in Luton are appealing for help to find a missing mother of six. Tina Younie was last seen this morning after saying an emotional goodbye to two of her children. She's been suffering from depression and was last seen at the junction of Crawley Green Road and Hart Lane -...
  10. G

    Mental health news this week

    Two men convicted of plotting to kill UK singer Joss Stone have won appeals that will reduce their jail terms. Junior Bradshaw, 33, and Kevin Liverpool, 36, both from Manchester were convicted of conspiracy to murder and rob the singer at her Devon home. At the trial a consultant psychiatrist...
  11. Lincoln1990

    What do YOU do for anxiety attacks?!?

    I take Propananlol 60mg extended release at night. Then I have 10mg Propananlol I can take every four hours. She won't prescribe Benzos because of my family history of addiction. I took a Propananlol before I went to the party but I still had an attack. It wasn't too bad but it was still...
  12. M

    Not sure what to do

    My partner was sectioned in June and been told she has Schizophrenia ? when my partner was sectioned she thought it was 1999 when just got together and had a baby which we did have, we have been apart since 2003 but only got back together in March. She also thought she was my dead wife and was...
  13. C

    What happens after 365 days of claiming ESA??

    Hi everyone, First of all I am new here so please bare with me if I make any mistakes or if I don't make sense at any time! My situation is this. I have been claiming contribution based ESA for severe depression since June 2013 and I am still in the assesment phase at the moment. I am single...
  14. I

    CTO and traveling abroad..

    Currently on CTO, runs out in early June, booked holiday to Italy for 20th June. The thing is can they stop me from going if they renew my CTO, I'm going with my brother and my mood has pretty much been stabilised. I told my psychiatrist and he's went on about having a risk assessment ect. I'm...
  15. E

    struggling to stay positive. frustrated with the nhs.

    I havent been about here for a few months. Since june Ive been waiting to hear about a second psyche appointment. So far Ive given the councillors assistant an in depth account of my life so far, been told to discontinue all meds and keep a mood diary. Since june Ive just been waiting. and...
  16. C

    visit from ATOS seriously stressed

    After applying for PIP, I've been given an home visit from ATOS (even after they spoke to my psychologist, who said it would cause me harm, forcing me to have an appointment). Just wondered if anyone else has had to go through the same. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this has been...
  17. R

    INTAR-International Network Towards Alternatives to Psychiatry. Liverpool 25-27 june 2014

    INTAR-International Network Towards Alternatives to Psychiatry. Liverpool 25-27 june 2014 Early Announcement: "Liverpool Conference Announced! 25th – 27th June 2014 Posted: 16 Aug 2013 03:20 AM PDT We are pleased to announce that the University of Liverpool will host the 2014 INTAR...
  18. A

    David Icke Interview June 18, 2012

  19. prairiechick

    It's really getting to me

    ...the weather, that is. I know this might sound superficial, but the weather really affects me. We've had so many grey, gloomy days, and I'm starting to feel depressed. The prairies are supposed to be known for sunshine and blue skies, but even before the middle of June, for May and June we...
  20. tiltawhirl

    June was a bad month financially

    internet and phone will be out of service for awhile. back when I can be.