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  1. Lincoln1990


    Well that didn't go very well. Now I'm WORSE than I was before I went to therapy. We went over my flashbacks and sex. Now I'm all jumpy and I can't do this very much longer.
  2. prairiechick

    Breathe deep, breathe deep

    Stress can trigger hypomanic, right? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Stress levels out of control. Feeling agitated can't sit still mind jumps from thing to thing jumpy jumpy jumpy. Just saw my psychiatrist this morning. Told her about my stress levels, but wasn't feeling hypo then. I don't know if this...
  3. J


    My pdoc put me on quitiapine about 8 weeks ago and i am on 150 mg at night. my question is does anyone get restless jumpy legs about 1 hour after taking their meds?
  4. T

    flashback hell

    Argh, I havent been able to leave my house for two days because of these flashbacks. I'm feeling very jumpy which is triggering them of. Please stop :-(
  5. T

    Hi Guys

    back again - bit jumpy Went briefly into Hosp and ok again More later twylight xx