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  1. N

    This is me ...

    Hi, I am new here and wanted to introduce myself I've had doctor diagnosed depression for 13 years and i'm back to 13 years ago with it. I came here to look for support, to talk to others who is going through the same thing with hopefully not being judged. So *waves* its nice to meet everyone...
  2. T

    Self esteem

    The reason most people have low self esteem is because of others. Everyone is so afraid of being judged by everyone around them that it is so hard to be yourself.
  3. DarkMatter13


    Hey, everyone. My name's Ben. Don't really feel like writing a long post atm. I guess I'm just looking for a place where I can be honest and not judged. I know how cliche that must sound.
  4. G

    Hey I'm new here!! I'd like to make new friends on here if I can

    I've had problems with Anxiety and Depression all my life. I'm 18, I'm new to this forum and nervous because I feel I might get judged. I hope everyone on here is doing well:)
  5. Lincoln1990


    I'm having bad flashbacks of an event of my life after hearing some news. It was one of the worst events of my life. I haven't even hinted to it on the forum. I want to but don't want to be judged. But please keep me in your thoughts.
  6. MagicJay

    ESA Assessment

    So they finally decide to actually pay me but I am been made to go for an assessment, but I really scared over it when I first went my doctors I went because I needed help, it feels like I got to go here to be judged and I really can't cope with that. I don't know what to do now it affecting my...
  7. unwell

    Social Anxiety Disorder... Is that what you call this?

    Could be avoidant personality disorder. Which is similar to social anxiety disorder but more severe, with an intense fear of being judged and rejected. This is what I was diagnosed with.
  8. lost!

    forum vs reality

    is it just the understanding that makes it easy to open up or is it the fact that the people you are opening up to on here can not see you therefore can not judge you? would you speak as freely if you was sat next to the people who we relate to? My theory if you can not be seen you can not be...
  9. A

    being judged

    I am having relationship struggles with my partner..whenever i tell professionals about whats going on they always say its not right and whenever my partner goes for help they mostly want to get her to leave the relationship..they dont know us and im so angry to be judged like this
  10. mixedupgirl

    Think I have bpd

    Hi everyone, I think I have borderline personalty disorder, I think I have had it all my life, I have nearly all the symtoms, just looking for a friendly place, where I can talk about how I feel and won't be judged or made fun of. really hope this is the place.
  11. companion

    A Warm Welcome Back

    Hi Guys, I used to be a member on here a while ago, but have not been on for a couple of years. I was mainly here to offer support to others at that time, but things have changed since then. I have rejoined, because things have become really difficult for me recently. I am feeling very alone...