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  1. N

    Going to the Doctor in the morning...

    So the therapist I am going to start seeing wants me to see my doctor to make sure that I am medically stable. I am SO nervous to admit to her that I have been binging and purging again. I know it is her job not to judge people, but I judge me for having a total lack of control and being...
  2. P

    Judge considers judicial review of Work Capability Assessment

    From the Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/jun/29/judicial-review-work-capability-assessment?INTCMP=SRCH Judge considers judicial review of Work Capability Assessment Two people apply for review on grounds that the current system discriminates against people with mental health...
  3. OobieMoobie

    'Anorexic woman should be fed against her wishes, judge rules'

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/jun/15/anorexic-woman-fed-judge?commentpage=last#end-of-comments 'A former medical student who suffers from extremely severe anorexia can be force fed against her wishes, a high court judge has ruled. The 32-year-old, who has other chronic health...
  4. Joydevil

    hello I'm Joyce

    How's everyone doing :mad: I'm new and would like to make new friends that understand and don't judge x
  5. A

    Government Mind Control

    Madness Radio: John Judge Government Mind Control First Aired 4-5-2006 John Judge was active in the 1970s psychiatric survivor movement and is now special assistant to Congressperson Cynthia...
  6. sunflower

    Sorry if tihs distresses anyone

    Very briefly, have BPD, living in supported housing (seperate from hubby and 4 kids). Been feeling really suicidal. Can't go on. Need to take my kids with me when I 'go'. Need to be with them forever. Can't bear the pain on living any more, and don't want them to either. Made plans. Care...
  7. emzangelwings

    What's it like going to an ESA

    I've got mine and tomorrow and want to know what to expect as much as possible. What will they do? What questions do they are? What'd they're attitude like? Is it true that if you're claiming under the grounds of mental health problems they reject you at least once so they can see you get...
  8. v01ce5

    New short film "Hearing Voices"

    You have to check this out - I´d be interested to hear what you think of this ... funny, close to the mark, out of order? - you judge - well made anyway - I like it. http://www.hearingvoicesfilm.com
  9. M

    Diagnosed with schizophrenia, manic depressive, bipolar, and had hypothyroid. Now ive been off all meds for 2 + years and have many questions...

    Diagnosed with schizophrenia, manic depressive, bipolar, and had hypothyroid. Now ive been off all meds for 2 + years and have many questions... Hello folks, im new to the board and i have plenty of questions that have been bugging me for the last couple years and i dont have the slighest clue...
  10. Islander

    I am finally here!

    Hi - Not sure what to say. I guess I will tell you that I have BPD and BP II, yeah and some anxiety issues as well. Which I am feeling right now. Just looking to talk to some people who can understand what I am saying, and not judge me. Islander
  11. Behind The Sun


    First of all id like to say hi to everyone, and hope i dont bore you all, because my problems are so small compared to a lot of people on here. My first problem is my mood,its good for a short while then suddenly for no reason i can be a right [email protected] and its normally to my close ones. Secondly...