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  1. R

    Attempting to jog everyday.

    Or atleast once a week..I don't rely on my will-power very often. There was a Bojack Horsmen episode where Bojack was tired of jogging and he got advice from another runner "it gets easier everyday, you just gotta do it. That's the hard part". Idk it just stuck with me. I'm hoping this will curb...
  2. C

    This is my first message here...

    Am I allowed to post 2 non-profit articles on Mental Health? They are educational for: Autism/ASD Schizophrenia/Disorganized Thought If an admin could confirm? One is designed by me, a simplified version and one is from a research journal which has a simplified version and a link to the...
  3. C

    "Today is the Day I Change" - A journal.

    I've done a "journal thread" here before, in 2016, under another account the name and password of which I can't remember. It went very well, and all the support I got from the community really helped. I'm going through another period of change right now, so I'd like to try it again. For the...
  4. calmsea

    I started an audio journal

    I feel like I don't get many opportunities to express my feelings and thoughts uncensored, but yesterday I started an audio journal. I made a second entry today, and both entries are on a new youtube channel I made. The goal was just to be able to candidly talk about what I was feeling and...
  5. T

    Getting MH staff better at hearing emotional pain

    I think this is important, when people are suicidal they can have all sorts of responses from services. Some help you feel like you've been heard, and some, frankly, don't. Some of this has come out recently in an article in 'Crisis' journal called 'Hearing the Suicidal Patient's Emotional...
  6. F

    Universal credit and rent increases

    I know it is up to the claimant to report any rent increase but what is the actual procedure? Is it just a case of saying my rent is now x amount in the journal and then the DWP confirms with your council/housing association?
  7. write

    not new again

    I used to be stray on here. Left few months ago. Never thought would come back.... In bad place, how original, need somewhere to be, write, or just be part of. Hopefully won't get too involved again and will definitely try avoid conflict but hope can write journal as that did help before. I...
  8. N

    Diet, Fitness & Physical Health Journal

    Hi everyone, I had an idea, over the weekend to set up a Diet, Fitness and Physical Health journal under Wellbeing Section; Currently yesterday, and finally about time, I managed to do a workout of traditional aerobics. Low Impact. I am finally getting round to, what with various mental...
  9. K

    Attention seeking... I guess.

    Hello, I'm very new on this forum, therefore it is my first post. To be honest, I don't even know what pushed me to create this thread but I'll just continue. I guess I just wanted to talk about how I am feeling with a stranger, that might go or have gone through similar things, as I don't...
  10. M

    Recovery From Schizophrenia: A Journal Of My Recovery And Reduction Of Medication The Right Way

    Recovery From Schizophrenia: A Journal Of My Recovery And Reduction Of Medication The Right Way An Introduction... I am a guy from the UK. I have been suffering from psychosis and schizophrenia since my early 20s. I am currently taking maximum doses of Amisulpride and Mirtazapine. I am high...
  11. cpuusage

    We Are Not Here to Fix Each Other.

    We Are Not Here to Fix Each Other. | elephant journal
  12. cpuusage

    Psychiatry beyond the current paradigm

    Psychiatry beyond the current paradigm | The British Journal of Psychiatry Pat Bracken, Philip Thomas, Sami Timimi, Eia Asen, Graham Behr, Carl Beuster, Seth Bhunnoo, Ivor Browne, Navjyoat Chhina, Duncan Double, Simon Downer, Chris Evans, Suman Fernando, Malcolm R. Garland, William Hopkins...
  13. Gajolene

    Is your MH the same as when you first joined the forum?

    Just was thinking how ill I was when I first joined into recovery forums. Thinking man I can't believe my how much life has changed since joining. Looking back at the journal to the beginning of when I joined man I was screwed up, addicted, lost, scared, confused and venting in tidal waves. I've...
  14. P

    Perdita here

    I'm back Just thought I'd say it's me messy. Couldn't stay away sad I know!! I hope you all don't think I'm stupid for coming back so quickly I have missed this place. Feels kind of nice to start afresh though.
  15. cpuusage

    You Are Not Just Your Brain

    You Are Not Just Your Brain You Are Not Just Your Brain : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR For some time now, I've been skeptical about the neuroscience of consciousness. Not so much because I doubt that consciousness is affected by neural states and processes, but because of the persistent...
  16. Gajolene

    Drinking a blessing or a curse....

    Maybe this is something I should journal but want a broader view on it. I was raised with alcoholics. My mum turned to religion when I was 7 and quit and afterwards used alcohol as the evil excuse for everything and actually I was terrified to go into a beer store or liquor store well into my...
  17. RainbowHeartz

    Apology to forum members

    i apologise to members i may have triggered recently im going to remain in my journal for some time as i need somewhere to go my whole journal should say trigger warning but it doesnt i am unable to be there for others and im sure if i try i will make matters worse i apologise to anybody i...
  18. RainbowHeartz

    *Mother, Daughter Role Reversal*

    copied and pasted this from my journal, wondered if anyone else can relate to this kind of thing or if im alone in this okay here goes... not sure if mum does it on purpose but her arm is really bad, and well she wouldnt take anything for it until i said, then she took meds but took them on...
  19. Cinders

    Anger - what do I do with it?

    I'm raging angry at some people and frequently it grips hold of me so tight I don't know what to do with it. I would ideally beat seven bells out of these people but I can't. I've tried to pour my feelings into a journal but today I doubt my pen could keep up with the torent of rage I feel...
  20. G

    Breaking rules?

    Would I be breaking the rules of the forum if I kept a food journal? I am willing to write a food journal , in it will be the types of food I ate , and the effect it has on my mood? I ate a high fat diet before and it settled my mood drastically within weeks. The reason I am doing this is for...