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  1. A

    Hi I’m new to the forum.

    Hi all. I’m new to the forum. I have OCD (touching and counting), I have low mood, anxiety, depression and paranoia. I am currently on iapt waiting list for therapy and into waiting week 4. I’m really struggling at the minute and I hate to say it but my relationship is taking a hard hit to at...
  2. WolfsChild


    hi my name is alex am married with no kids just cats i have borderline personality disorder and other mental health problems i was a member before but i cant remember my username and password and i cant remember what e mail i used i hope its is ok for me to re join thanks
  3. D

    Hi everyone, I'm New and thought I'd Introduce myself

    I would like to say Hello everyone. People call me L (a nickname Ive been given for years) I'm 24 and a sufferer of EUPD (Or BPD, which after only been diagonised with) and generalized Anxiety and Depression. I'm a gamer and music lover :). I came to join this forum to meet and talk to new...
  4. G

    Hello, I'm new here

    Hi, I'm new here and also to forums as a whole. I'm struggling a lot and thought I would take the plunge and join - thank you for accepting me!
  5. beepers


    It's nice to meet you all, I'm Beep. I joined this forum specifically for a friend of mine, he suffers from severe depression and inferiority complex and I'm trying to convince him to join so he can interact with other people who experience depression as well. He's hesitant to join, so I...
  6. T

    Has anyone here started there own group?

    Has anyone started there own hearing voices group? I'm thinking of doing this so any advice is appreciated. Immgoing to do this through intevoice and join them.
  7. Z

    New here

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, I've suffered anxiety for many years, and I can usually keep it under control. However, recently it's started up pretty bad again and knocked me out of my comfort zone. I thought I'd join here to talk with others in a similar situation, as well as join some of the...
  8. LittleGreenAlien

    Um, hello...

    I've come to a point in life where I felt it was necessary for me to join a mental health forum, and get both some help, and someone to talk to. So, here I am :)
  9. F


    Hi my name is Fran and I am new to this forum and really nervous. I have wanted to join this forum for ages and kept putting it off so here I am 😯
  10. B


    Hey everyone, I'm new here, but not new to the problems caused by mental health. I am at my lowest at the moment and really struggling to cope. The last couple of days I haven't ate properly and I am constantly crying. I have a doctor's appointment today where I am going to ask for help and...
  11. A

    I can't cope

    I just found out my friend whom I used to live with has died. I'm not sure how it works/why, but I'm having really strong urges to join her. I am very angry that I can't just go ahead and join her. People would say it's selfish. I don't know what to say. I'm trying to stand up to my urges...
  12. J

    Things aren't working out

    Was diagnosed with double depression last year. I took a massive overdose last week when I was drunk. It should have killed me but (and I don't remember this) I called an ambulance before I passed out. I was in a coma for half a day. Been released. I'm thinking of my life and the multiverse...
  13. Sapling

    Pleased to meet you

    Hello all :) My alias is Sapling (it's an adorable word, don't you think?) and I've freshly joined the forum just a few minutes ago. I've been looking for a forum to join for quite a while and I'm excited to explore the site and get to know some new people :) Just saying hi and hope to talk to...
  14. polkadotscarf

    Hey everyone

    Hey, So I'm polkadotscarf, I definitely have depression, am told I have anxiety and may be bipolar... To be honest I don't care what label I'm given.. I tend to deal with the here and now and try and fix what's happening... Because the real world is not very accepting of MH issues and...
  15. M

    Hello, new here!

    Hi Introducing myself as I've just joined and will most probably be writing for some advice soon. Wanted to join to find a place where there will be someone to talk to and help with any advice I have too Thanks and hello :)
  16. L

    I am new here

    :Hello everyone how are you? Just join this forum not sure how to start :)
  17. J

    Any Groups in Orange County, CA or Online for my 20 yo Son?

    Looking for a group for my 20 year old Son to join. We live in South OC , CA
  18. Fairy Lucretia


    anyone know of any social or activity groups i could join in the harborne area? xx
  19. GreenEmerald

    I need to join a community

    I need to join a community, a spiritual community maybe, for support and friendship, Have you any ideas?
  20. T

    how do i join this group?

    how do i join this depression forum? i want to be part of this group. thanks!