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  1. prairiechick

    "My Mood"

    How about: melancholic spaced out numb bewildered confused despairing gloomy jealous fearful Anyone else have additions to the list?
  2. B

    Jealousy getting the better of me?

    I'm sorry but I wasn't too sure where to post this! I have been diagnosed as Bipolar, but this was something I don't think is part of that, and I just wanted some advice. I have a hard time controlling my jealousy, now the weird thing is, I have a fiancee, and I'm never jealous over her! She...
  3. B

    has my ex girlfriend got narcissistic pd?

    ive talked to a friend in mental health and she told me to look up narcassitic personality disorder, it was like reading about my ex! have a i found the problem or am i just using it as comfort. . she always was confident and loud infront of an audience but deep down was insecure . she reeled me...
  4. D

    Something that is hard to describe

    Hey guys This is the first time I have ever tried to metion this to anybody, I have never spoken to this to any faimly or friends or anybody and it's going to be extremely hard for me to desribe but i'll give it a try I'm 19 years old and I have had this problem for nearly 2 years now and...