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  1. C

    Jealous feeling

    I am always feeling so jealous (egoistic?) by seeing my colleagues without any reason. due to this feelings my time is getting spoiled and I am not able to concentrate on my work. Even sometime I am feeling jealous with my family members. How could I avoid feeling jealous? It is severely...
  2. orchidrose

    New here...

    I have BPD and am really noticing that I’ve completely lost my sense of self lately. I’ve always had trouble figuring out who I am and where I belong. It’s really difficult maintaining relationships when I’m unsure of my personality. I notice that I get jealous of others easily. And it’s not...
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    family and friends-how much do you have?

    i have very little had mummy who was my carer but she died 3 years ago have my sister have my 90 year old aunt is all 1 RL friend i never see and some online friends would be lost without the internet am so jealous of people who have...
  4. Wednesday_58

    jealous much?

    Does anyone else have irrational jealousy that your partner will/is trying to cheat on you?
  5. K

    Super jealous

    How do I stop being super jealous and anxious I'm sick of being that person, an hurting an destroying good people and relationships with my craziness by people I me my boyfriend an my ex I feel bad but just can't control my jealousy an anxiety I have social anxiety also which is hard for me an...
  6. L

    Relationship issues with partner with OCD

    I'm in a long distance relationship with a man in the UK (I am in the US). He told me upfront he has OCD and sometimes panic attacks. For some background, he had a partner of 19 years who passed away last year suddenly, leaving him a stay at home dad with 2 kids. One month after she passed...
  7. K

    Should I tell someone what happened to me?

    One of my Facebook friends is the kid whose accident made me hit rock bottom during my senior year of high school. My question is this: Should I tell him what effect his accident had on me? I need to move past this but I keep trying to repress everything. I even saw him once in public and I...
  8. Jlynn773

    HELP! Too many issues and I don't know how to deal

    My dad lost his job today. My aunt is dealing with marriage troubles. My aunt wants me to go back to Michigan with her, so she can have someone there for her. But I can't leave because things are not okay here. My dad lost his job again, now we only have one income. I just don't know what to do...
  9. chesterking

    Reasons why I can't work

    Remember none of this might be true, it is all just speculation. Theories to why I can't work A genuine mental illness, this mental pain that stops me working Is the reason, that I can not work, because I been hypnotized to not to? Has some substance been used on me, to stop me working? A...
  10. L

    I am heartbroken

    I am heartbroken. My partner just ridiculed me for being upset. Just when I thought things couldn't get worse. He broke my trust. Again. (He hung up on me in a crisis the other night when I was crying down the phone to him). The results were the worsening of my depression. I was hurt and...
  11. Nikita

    Eastenders monday night!

    What a load of corny,cheesy,lying bollocks.Stacy is blossoming into sanity itself under the watchful eye of the only two staff members on the psyche ward.She isn't just (stupid) being punished,she is ill and she is learning to cope says the posh staff nurse. and miracles do happen as baby...
  12. D

    munchausen? Hypochondria? Something else?

    Sorry if this isn't the right place to post but I would like some advice, I have heart/lung problems anxiety and depression but I always want something to be wrong with me when docs say my test results are fine I get really annoyed I even smoke when I know I shouldn't I got told to stop taken...
  13. Fairy Lucretia


    i think im a very jealous person does that make me a bad person? xx
  14. S

    Jealous Housemate

    My housemate/friend gets very jealous and like an over protective parent over me having a boyfriend. This is the first I've had a boyfriend since we've been friends. From moment I first starting seeing my boyfriend my friend has been very negitive and picking holes in our relationship. If I'm...
  15. Nightgrind

    So angry and afraid

    Im alone in this flat. I just had a panic attack, then i kicked the table over and threw some stuff around. I dont know why and im ashamed when i get angry and aggressive like that but I only do it when no one else is around. I feel so unstable I had a panic attack in town earlier because...
  16. S

    bpd mother and my child

    Hello I've come here looking for some advice. My mother has recently been diagnosed with bpd and to be honest I've done so much reading up on it that I can see how well she fits into the diagnosis. If only I knew sooner! I had an unhappy childhood and as an adult I've kept both parents at arms...
  17. S

    Help with jealousy?

    Hi there I am new to this forum and wanted to get some advice really. I believe I have been suffering with depression or bi-polar of some sort and wanted to know whether other people felt the same in certain situations. That way I can tell for sure whether it really is what it is? I've had CBT...
  18. J

    What's wrong with me

    I'm 19 years old and I've been through a lot of traumatic experiences throughout the years. I lost my girlfriend to suicide a couple of years ago which then threw me into a spiral of Depression. I spent 5 months in a mental health hospital and after my stay I got diagnosed with severe...
  19. R

    Did i do the right thing? About dropping my friend and Boyfriend?

    I had a best friend, at the time it was for 7 years. And we were really close, however when i told her about my depression she told me that i should get over it. When she said those words to me it really crushed me. I was very shocked about her reply. Well fast forward a few weeks, I started...
  20. Lincoln1990

    I have a lot of anxiety but I shouldn't.

    I shouldn't because I'm very very good at doing interviews. I was the best in high school to do my interview. I've done many and gotten every job that I have interviewed for. They have said I'm good at it. I'm freaking out because I have an interview tomorrow for a job that I want to do for the...