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  1. Mark_01

    Tinker the Psycho

    Tinker gets the itches and I spray her back and legs with an anti-itch spray. She doesn't like it, but it stops the itching. After I spray her, she goes into the bedroom and sulks. How mean I am. She is afraid I'll grab the anti-itch bottle and spray her, so she avoids me. I don't like doing it...
  2. Gajolene

    Does anyone else here have Exema

    This is a new thing for me, I've always had sensitive skin and used all the mild and hypoallergetic detergents, soaps and such but over the last few months I have developed exema on one arm. It's leathery and bumpy and does blister so now I have bandaids to cover the spots to stop myself...
  3. Grape

    lamotrigine itch

    Is it ok that I'm so itchy? Been on it a week a I'm itching everywhere. No rash though. Seeing the doc soon but don't want to bother him if it's normal.
  4. R

    Itchy/Dry Scalp...infinite dandruff?

    For the past couple of mouths I have been having a very itchy and dry scalp. I have switched shampoos and changed to Head and Shoulders dandruff control/scalp kind that's supposed to help alleviate my scalp itchiness and dryness but it still occurs now. Also, I'm pretty sure I scrub the shampoo...
  5. L

    HELP! trying to work out if having allergic reaction or anxiety

    A few weeks ago i had an allergic reaction to something unknown and my whole face swelled up - round the eyes and terrible itch/rash. The doctor asked if i was breathing ok - and i said, no, but that's as i am diagnosed anxiety so think I am just thinking I can't breathe, but he looked in my...
  6. M


    cant sleep just lie hear stearig at my wall thinking of past events. racing thought too.iv gone without meds for 4 days,this feels awfull im itching to just move every second
  7. Lola25

    Can anyone relate to this?

    I'm a bit worried how to word this post but I have something I want to talk about - just to unburden myself a bit. I'm aware that we have to be careful when talking about SH so as not to trigger urges in other members and I'll try my best not to say anything I shouldn't - but I do understand if...
  8. C

    side affects of ciprex?

    Have just been up on to a dose of 20mg of ciprex (escitropram) in the last week and now I am sleeping less and itching all over? legs, back, stomach arrrraghhh! its driving me around the bend no actual rash seen but the itching is drivng me to distraction I am quite allergic anaphalaxic reation...