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  1. J

    For the first time I was sent home from work

    I am 25 years old and have worked since I was 15/16. Last Friday I was sent home from work for the very first time. They think I'm depressed and urged me to reach out...so here I am. I don't really know how to go about this...so I'll just start from the beginning. I've always thought there...
  2. P

    It's me, Pokey

    Hello... I don't know what exactly to day so I'm going off the cuff right now. I should get out if the way the major issues I have. I have severe self esteem issues that dont seem to go away despiteJust recently, yesterday actualy; I tried to hang myself. I don't know what to do with my life
  3. O

    Does anyone else struggle with this?

    Since I've become more self aware and aware of my mental health issues it makes me second guess my gut instinct. Sometimes this is a good thing it helps me not over react to situations which i have done in the passed but, on the other hand i am currently feeling like somebody in my life is being...
  4. F

    Any one else having Issues with these holidays

    I'm suffering from depression, PTSD (child abuse), lack of self confidence and self esteem issues. I hate these fucking holidays and anyone relate ??
  5. D

    What helped me

    My illness began when I was 21 and ‘ended’ a year ago aged 52. During that 30+ year period I tried all kinds of treatments and since 1995 searched the internet looking for tales of cures but it wasn’t until last year I could finally live and breathe in peace. I always looked for people who found...
  6. R

    Hello everyone

    I'm 22 and I have mental health problems from two years now. At first I was treated for depression, but maybe that's not the major problem. I really need some place where I can talk about these stuff because no one around actually understands how hard is it for me to fight my demons. My friends...
  7. H

    I'm scared of living feeling this way

    i've been depressed for most of my teenage years, i'm 19 now and i've been feeling worse than ever for the last couple of months due to some internal issues, I do believe i'll resolve these issues with myself one day, but i'm scared i'll keep feeling this way... It's like there's no point in...
  8. M

    Student, build up of issues led to more issues....

    I spent many of my teen years hiding my inner self from the world, this went on so long that I eventually stopped realising what I was doing, I hid my emotions and it didn't end well for me.... I struggled with thoughts and ended up filling all my time with tasks so that I could never think...
  9. A

    Falling back into old patterns

    Not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but given my condition, I think it is. I'm a 26 year old guy. Last year I was diagnosed with type 1 bipolar with psychotic features, along with schizophrenia and pstd. I was in therapy and on medication. I was doing pretty good and my therapist said...
  10. I

    So terribly lonely...

    Hi everyone, I'm not a native speaker so excuse me for the errors. I'm in my late 20s, moved to a foreign country to study and am finishing my degree next month. I had already done everything I had to do for my thesis. I have no friends due to a traumatic experience with my old classmates (I...
  11. J

    Cyclothymia - help and advice needed

    Hi I am new here, so I will go into my past in a little bit of experience. I have all ways had MH issues March 2017 - diagnosed with Dysthymia and emotional dysregulation September 2017 - cyclothymia and anger management March 2018 - traits of emotional unstable personality disorder (BPD)...
  12. L

    My first post...a little long!

    Hi guys, I would like to share a few issues that I have because I am genuinely interested to see if these things affect other people. Most of the people I talk to look at me like I am some kind of freak, even some people who claim to have experienced mental health problems in some capacity look...
  13. E

    Father has delusional disorder + other issues

    Hello all, I will try to keep this short and as to the point as possible... basically my father is struggling from a number of different mental health issues (I am not a doctors or specialist, so I may be wrong with the 'disorders' here but from all the reading I have done, it all sounds quite...
  14. C

    User Name Corbie

    Hi I am (user name) Corbie. I have for several years been trying to understand and function with complex issues originating with long term emotional abuse, bullying, dissociation. Eating disorder. Depression. Trust Issues. Dissociative anger. Emotional distancing. The dissociation makes...
  15. Y

    Issues since lumbar puncture and partner's issues

    Hello everyone! I mainly registered here to figure out what issues exactly my partner is dealing with. He has not been very keen to see a specialist so I am trying to get an idea of what he may have first. I also have experienced issues since a lumbar puncture that cause my lyme disease to...
  16. K

    GAD & Low Libido

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and hoping to learn from others while I share my story. I'm a 43 year old male who had anxiety for as long as I can remember. My anxiety goes something like this; I hate talking on the phone, worry about what others will think of me, fear unknown situations, fear...
  17. F

    Is this acceptable behaviour from a doctor?

    Hi, I have just signed up so not sure if this is the right place to post this. Just a note this isn't a post bashing all doctors. I have had personal experience with some amazing doctors who have helped me and put me on the right path. Tl;dr - Went to see doctor for anxiety meds and...
  18. A

    Relationship Issues

    I want to preface by saying I don’t suffer from anxiety, but am hoping that the good people of this forum may be able to help me with my relationship with a woman who suffers from GAD. Thank you all in advance. I do my best to help her whenever she has an attack by telling her it will be...
  19. E


    Hello my name em. Iam 40 suffer with schizoaffective disorder. I hear voices and have mood ups and downs. Which room would be best for my issues. Many thanks em x
  20. animavestra

    Im depressed and confused

    Hi, i don't really know how to express my feelings. I'm not used to talking about my feelings. I guess I just have too many issues. I'm confused about myself, other people and just about everything in general. I feel like I'm falling apart and I don't know if i can be saved. I've tried so hard...