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  1. B

    Getting out of bed. Witts end.

    Hi there... I'm totally frustrated with myself. This is such an issue I feel like it's never going to change. It's been an issue all through my teens and adult life. I do have issues with sleep & things, wide awake, sometimes a late night due on my own doing or horrible dreams etc, that's always...
  2. H

    Focusing on flaws

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and have been in treatment with a therapist for over 10 years (on and off). She recently retired and I'm feeling a bit lost. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this: basically I love my husband, he's beautiful, funny, charming, great father etc...
  3. S

    Struggling to control my worries!

    Hi I’m Ste, I’m on here to hopefully get some advice and speak to people dealing with Health Anxiety or similar in the hope of learning to control my worries. This has totally hit me for six and to be honest I’m a bit up and down with it all. I never in a million years thought I would be...
  4. write

    Lofepramine supply issues?

    Anyone else found you suddenly without warning, can't get Lofepramine due to supply issues? Ran out yesterday, collected weekly prescription, was told pharmacy had none and go back today. No mention of any issue getting it. Today told there's an issue and can't get it, NOWHERE has ANY. Have to...
  5. J

    IMPORTANT - Advice needed, Thank you!

    Good afternoon, This is my first post in the forums. Please be kind because my english is not as good as your's may be. I will start with the beginning. My issue is that i analyze everything i think. It seems that sometimes this issue makes me a slow thinker and brings me near stupidity...
  6. C

    Hi, I have a question

    so I was wondering. I can't seem to feel an emotion longer than minutes or even seconds, I always go back to being numb and not caring about anything. is this an issue or are people faking their emotions? I know this is weird, or at least I guess it is
  7. X

    alcohol abuse and Acamprosate

    Can I ask if anyone has tried this medication for alcohol abuse. I'm seeing a support worker for my issue with alcohol and the Dr put me on Acamprosate
  8. R

    phoning gp

    i've been phoning gp get phone menu press no for appts get musik then the extension is lost please phone again then i'm disconnected i've hurt my back as i use a bullworker to exercise helping with relaxation it's also mental issue i'm old enough as i say to remember the start of care in the...
  9. C


    So since 1 week before Christmas last year my mind has gone, Basically i work as security in retail and ended up being first to a medical emergency which ended up fatal. The problem is that blew my mind as in epically blew it to the point when i did eventually decide to try get help i got told...
  10. A

    Delayed reaction from drinking

    Hi... Has anyone else experienced a 4 day DELAY effect of depression ,anxiety emotional hell. after mild drinking (1 beer even) or slight pot use or even changing strains? AGAIN ... THIS DOESN'T START UNTIL 4 DAYS LATER ...This will last for 4 days and its emotional hell and I just want to...
  11. C

    How do i do it?

    I know my mental health is an issue, and I know the problems it causes. But actually explaining it in words is the most difficult thing for me. This is the reason I don't have an actual diagnosis of anything yet and why I am struggling to, because I can't communicate across to anyone how I'm...
  12. C

    Mental compulsion OCD/ compulsive thinking - please help me

    Hello all, what a great forum this is! I will try to explain my issue but may struggle to do so, hope what I say makes sense. Since about the age of 7 I have suffered with 'needing' to compulsively think things through. For example I used to play a lot of soccer. If I scored a goal, I would...
  13. P


    So I'll try to explain this the best way I can. I really try to see the good in people. However, I've been dealing with very severe auditory hallucinations for 5 years. There is this guy that I'm really uncertain about, and every time I see him I try to forget about it but I'm bombarded by...
  14. C

    Restless/Uneasy/Uncomfortable Feelings

    Hi, Good Day everyone. I am new to here and I am looking for ways to recover and what seems to be the causes of my issue. I will start to explain and what has happened before. A year ago, my parents argue a lot and it getting more serious. Although it is none of my business and I have tried to...
  15. H


    I have pretty bad anxiety and depression, I’ve been seeing a counsellor to try and sort out the issues that make me feel like this and I’ve been seeing them since January. We haven’t got to the root issue yet as I find it extremely traumatic and it’s not something I’ve shared with anyone else...
  16. U

    I fell I might need to see someone, first step.

    Hi people, I really have been avoiding this for some time but I feel that I might have a problem, I will try to be as honest as I can, I lost my dad when I was 17 a week before my 18th (im late 30's now) then four years ago I lost my mum both were very sudden and quite harsh to say the least, I...
  17. A

    Anyone get of Seroquel or Zyprexa?

    I have been stuck on Zyprexa for four years because I simply don't sleep with out it anymore. Seroquel people seem to have the same issue. I have tried micro tapers with no success so I am convinced I will have to take something for sleep the rest of my life. The 2 most likely candidates I...
  18. C

    chronic boredom

    I am so bored. Everyday, all the time. I know others must feel this way. I am bored at work, at home at a bar. This would be a simple issue but my boredom has caused some issues. I am hypersensitive to sound and fast moving objects and people. I have been bored my entire life with fleeting...
  19. B

    advice please major depression and procrastination

    i literally have zero willpower and motivation with that being said sometimes i feel motivated but i do nothing with it i just listen to music and day dream i have sever procrastination issue wasted 7 years of my life (im 26) i procrastinate going to the dentist i have 4 teeth completely cracked...
  20. R

    supported housing

    i've been thinking a lot about suppportive housing, attitude seems to be if your living alone without care your fit for work and need to be persecuted to get you into work, and that theres no need for care i think about the banging on my door last night, with police cuts such low level anti...