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  1. whiteflags330


    I feel numb. Like anything could happen and I don't care. I've been having bad thoughts and isolating myself. I've been posting subtle hints, but I'm sure who I can talk too.
  2. toutatis


    Hi everyone. Just thought it best to introduce myself and say hi before thinking about diving in and making a few posts. I joined because I don't want to feel alone in my struggles and, as we know, having MI's can sometimes be quite an isolating kind of life. Anyway, it's nice to be here and...
  3. O

    avoiding socializing, feeling helpless

    Lately I've been isolating a lot from socializing. I've been alone in my room a lot. I don't like isolating, but when I go out and socialize it is overwhelming. It's really hard to be around even my family I get extremely stressed from all the talking and activity that's going on. I am stuck...
  4. W

    Hi ...I'm new here!

    I'm glad I found this site where people understand and are experiencing similar situations of major depression and anxiety. I've been through this before and each time have come through and now that I'm in it again I'm feeling quite vulnerable and quite discouraged. It helps to know others have...
  5. polkadotscarf

    I'm close to the edge and want to be safe

    Hey I used to be a good friend and colleague and family member.. But ever since I had a breakdown about a year ago I stopped being all of that. Recently I was getting back on track and had accepted to help out and work on a few things with friends, family and colleagues.. It was going well...
  6. freshstart2016

    Newbie From UK!

    Hello everyone I am a newbie from the UK. I have had mental health issues for a long time. I have depression and anxiety. That includes around people and in social settings. I am hoping to make new friends here on this forum. I feel it would help to feel isolating to talk to others who...
  7. ScaredCat

    Just saying

    ED is so isolating. Just needed to say
  8. S


    Hi my name is Stella, I'm new to this forum. I'm hoping I can connect with people that can share some insight and perhaps just allow me to share. I've struggled with agoraphobia and panic disorder for over 30 years. I'm able to leave the house, but not on a regular basis. Thankfully I have a...
  9. C

    Northumberland lad lost and looking for understanding

    Hi in new to this . Im from hexham northumberland having a bad depression and anxiety phase . Have created my own prison no friends any more and all want to do is hide away . Off work sick as cant face the world . Be nice to know im not the only feeling this way as its so isolating :(
  10. S


    Bmi now [moderated]. I can't be this huge waste disposal unit, I feel so tiny. Humiliate myself. Waiting for help, meantime I'm struggling to get through this. BED is nasty, I just wish it could be better understood as the slow isolating death it is.
  11. T


    I'm sorry but I wanted to start a new thread that is not on the basis of the origins of problems So I'm going back as far as the end of June. Then I was suicidal and very unstable. It was apparent that I was unstable before the conditions applied. It was that week for the first time I ever felt...
  12. J

    Losing the Battle and Don't Want to be Here Any More

    Have been low and tried different Meds for 24 years and had enough. Feeling no pleasure and hopeless about the future. I have three children who must've picked up on my mood and I feel I am failing them. Saw Mental health for assessment and I think I'll be seeing a CPN. Worried I'll just...
  13. M

    Social Phobia Cause

    Does anyone know how social phobia starts? I get the feeling, it's due to 3 things:- 1) Genetic 2) Must have the personality (probably due to anxiety and/or depression) that socially you just don't come across or act that way most people do, so you inadvertently behave strange socially, and...
  14. Fuscia

    Living alone

    Im just heartbreakingly lonely. I think i have some kind of situational depression too. I dont work much. Dont have much social contact. Live alone. Its so hard. There seems to be no end in sight. Only options seem to be to change meds to non anti psychotic in the hope of feeling alive again...
  15. Lincoln1990

    Losing interest and other things

    I'm losing interest in what I've always been interested in. I know people's interests change but even when I've been depressed my interest has been in babies. I used to love babies. But recently (my mom is babysitting) I just don't care anymore. I would NEVER ever hurt a baby or anybody for that...
  16. voyager

    In your own words, how would you sum up depression?

    So cruel, life changing and utterly isolating! :floggingdeadhorse:
  17. S

    Petrified of life

    Since becoming a parent, every single day is a worry. I'm petrified of the world, I'm frightened for my children. I don't wrap them in cotton wool, but I worry like hell. My nerves are really bad. I've been isolating for the majority of this year, I've declined a lot since joining the...
  18. J


    Each day I can feel myself getting a little more low. I can feel myself crashing and there is nothing I can do. I have tried to lift the mood but nothing is working I feel like im isolating myself again.
  19. prairiechick

    I just can't take it anymore

    I can't motivate myself to do anything. I am in despair about my life and where and who God is. No one in my life understands what I'm going through. They try, but they don't get it. I know that there are people who love me, but knowing that doesn't seem help anymore. I know I need to go...