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  1. A

    I have lost the will to live

    Hello guys, This is my first time posting on a forum and asking for help. I have been battling with depression for a few years and I had some severe depressive episodes, but somehow I found the strength to get up and keep going. Now it feels different. I'm at such a low point that I don't know...
  2. K

    I don't know why I self harm

    I've been self harming for about 6 months now and I haven't told a single person about it. I feel so alone. I just wish that I knew why I do it. I don't think I have depression or anxiety, I just feel empty and isolated all the time. I always self harm when I feel the most empty and it somehow...
  3. O


    Hello, I've just joined the forum. I've been feeling isolated more and more over recent weeks and decided to try and do something about it. I hope to make some friends through the site (something I'm bad at!). For now, that's about it. So, hello everyone!
  4. P

    Hello Everyone

    Hello I'm a 32 year old woman and I have suffered with anxiety, depression and agoraphobia for the majority of my life. I've found it very difficult to get any help via the NHS but I am still trying to overcome these issues. I've become very isolated due to my problems and its very lonely. It...
  5. letmein

    coffee alone...

    I went for a coffee today on my own, trendy little place lots going on.... people on phones and laptops, friends laughing, babies crying...... I was even more alone out of the house with people around me than I am in my flat isolated @ least here its my safe zone.
  6. S

    Recently diagnosed schizophrenic

    Hello, I have joined this forum so I can interact with other individuals that experience similar symptoms/emotions/experiences. At the moment I feel somewhat alone and isolated and feel that joining this forum can reduce those feelings. Anyway, hello everyone.
  7. Z

    Hit rock bottom

    My life was going so great until about a year ago. So many things have gone wrong since then , including my partner quitting his job so I have no money to see a good Psychologist. I have a 3 year old daughter , so I am pretty isolated, except for my fiance I don't really have anyone to talk to...
  8. I

    Isolated in North Wales

    Hello all, I'm hoping to meet other people in North Wales who are suffering from anxiety and depression. I'm isolated and have started Mindfulness and other things, but hoping to get involved in much more. Best,
  9. B


    Hi, I'm 40 and have had social anxiety and depression for most of my life. They vary as to how bad they are, but things aren't so great right now. Even though I don't mind my own company, I feel very isolated much of the time, so I'm here to hopefully get some support and chat to others who feel...
  10. D

    feeling isolated, want to live my truth

    I have been struggling with anxiety and possibly depression for years now. It's not something I talk to anyone about including those I'm very close to, and I have unknowingly built up this almost overly cheery facade. I suppose this was because subconsciously it's always made me feel different...
  11. T

    I feel isolated...

    Hey everyone, I'm new here. I just joined, like, an hour ago, so bear with me as I probably mess things up. But, I need some help. Or, I need somebody to at least relate to what I'm going through. I've been going through a really rough time recently. Things have been piling up and I am not...
  12. R

    Why not

    Hello, so this is my first time on a forum but I've been struggling with my mental illness for quite a while now. I've been diagnosed with PTSD once and depression twice now and once with, last time being a bit more than a year ago. Thing is, I'm pretty sure that it's not depression and I...
  13. greebobeebo

    The ceasing to exist button

    If you could press a big, red button, to no longer BE, would you? I know I would. My life went tits up when I was 17 and has been one mistake after another since then, I'm in my 40's. I have 2 sons, one is an adult, the other is in foster care, all due my shitty mental health. My MH...
  14. S

    I need someone to talk to

    Hey. I have been suffering with mental health problems for years and they have been getting worse. Most people don't get me or my way of thinking which has left me isolated and alone even when I am surrounded by people. I just need friends I just need someone to talk to who thinks how I do.
  15. S

    Fading Away ...

    Hi all, I am here because my social situation is exhausting me. Both physically, and emotionally. I cannot seem to connect to people. Most of the connections I do make only ever seem to be skin deep. The more people get used to me, the more distant they seem. Like my existence is only...
  16. S

    i live in kent and i am lonely

    i wish there was someone just around the corner from me who i could meet up with , i get lonely .. who is from kent , and where do you live? i hate being isolated, only just found this local forum link on here , i didn't realise there was one, so i thought i would post
  17. M


    Hi, I keep being told by the "professionals" to be kind to myself. I can be kind to anyone else but too myself is a big no no. I basically hate myself and need to punish myself. I don't know where this has come from but I am now becoming very isolated M
  18. P

    Hello! Glad to be here

    Hello, I'm new here. I suffer from anxiety and agoraphobia. I am currently going through a very difficult time and feel so isolated. I am taking one day at a time and I am working hard to reduce my social isolation and improve my quality of life. I'm happy to be a part of an understanding...
  19. sunset547544

    Suffering Today

    Wow... I really feel awful today. Tired, dizzy, terrified about financial situation, isolated, speeding towards death scared and alone. My heart goes out to you if you are also suffering with depression, my god it is so awful. Hopefully things will improve soon, not sure I can take any more of it.
  20. E

    Ways to overcome

    I have a lot of time for other people and I'd say by nature I am a very happy person, but I am prone to anxiety and acute phases of being down. When I am really down I feel like there is absolutely no one on earth who could begin to understand what I feel. I understand this may not strictly be...