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  1. Russet

    New mental health forum member

    I thought i would quickly introduce myself as i am a new member of the mental health forum. I have already posted last night, sorry. :rolleyes: I got on my soap box. I am a female with bp2, rapidly approaching 40. I am a divorcee, unemployed, and a general failure at life. I have achieved...


    It is irritating that the hearing voices group I go to - we don't talk about voices. We just sit there, and the facilitator gives us a home economics tutorial. Don't get me wrong she is a lovely lady, but really - why can't we talk about the voices? Would be helpful to share our experiences...
  3. C


    Life is depressing, waking up and finding no job to go to is depressing, husband's redundancy is depressing, not being able to eat or drink as you know the scales will tell you, you have eaten too much. Looking like a kid instead of an adult. Having no friends and relations whom treat you with...
  4. G

    Side effects

    Anyone else here on olazapine? Have you noticed similar side effects? I get restless legs and body , blurred vision , itchy and flaky skin , increased appetite It has worked for me doc said it would help a lot with my paranoia which it has and my mood is good but these side effects are very...
  5. D

    he is annoying me

    I dont know if my feelings are at the front of my mind due to stress, or not. I have had a bad stressful time recently and its made me question my relationship. I dont live with him, and i have children of my own. When he comes to my house - im dealing with a child again. He really annoys...
  6. F

    Fecking irritating

    Small amounts of saliva keep oozing out of the corners of my mouth. At first it seemed to be only when lying down but it's not. Ok not life threatening but very irritating and i've got the urge to frequently wipe the corners of my mouth/getting to feel very self conscious about it . As Consta is...
  7. B

    In your opinion, what's the worst job to have when you're clinically depressed or have Bipolar Disorder?

    In your opinion, what's the worst job to have when you're clinically depressed or have Bipolar Disorder? Personally, I think it's retail where you have to check out customers all day long. It just something about dealing with people that seems irritating to me. It just seems like it's twice as...
  8. E

    Not happy with who I am... But can't change

    Hi all! So I'm new to this forum. Hoping it'll give me somewhere to express how I feel to people who will understand. Don't get me wrong, I have very supportive people around me, but whenever I try to explain my anxiety they just tell me I'm "overthinking things" and to "relax". I know I am -...
  9. S

    Have any serious anxiety sufferers attempted suicide because of it?

    I've suffered from ludicrous anxiety since I was old enough to crawl, and because of this look forward to death like normal people look forward to a Caribbean cruise. However, I am too scared to make attempts myself to die because if they fail you will wake up in an emergency room where hospital...