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  1. B

    Driving on bridges and high up places

    Hello All, I struggle with a phobia of driving on (whether passenger, or driver) bridges, over quarries, and even just on the expressway whenever there’s a drop off on the side. Basically anytime the car is going over a large open area or by a drop off. This phobia provokes panic attacks and I...
  2. Q

    Fear of FAILURE Anyone

    I have an intense fear of failure . . . Does anyone else feel the same way. It's so ironic that what I am so scared of actually defines my life here on earth "A Failure". Whenever my mind falls prey to my failures all I want to do is end the pain. Is there anyone in the forum that can relate? If...
  3. L

    Night Terror

    Hi friends, I have had problems dealing with my husband's work trips for years, they leave me completely distressed and terrified at night, real irrational terror. Each time it is groundhog day, chronic anxiety in the build up, in a mess when he goes, meltdowns, panic attacks and general...
  4. L

    Irrational fear!!!!

    Hey! I’ve got a huge irrational fear of having an anaphylactic shock. I’ve never been allergic to anything in my life but since my anxieties have all started again I’ve been experiencing different symptoms such as tight feeling in the throat and feeling like I’ve got something stuck. It’s taking...
  5. M

    Question About Symptoms

    Can anyone tell me if coming off Latuda or other antipsychotics can cause schizophrenic symptoms like paranoia? I am having the worst time with paranoia and irrational fear since I started tapering, and I was pur on for depression.
  6. B

    Irrational Pregnancy Fear

    Hi I have a completely irrational fear of being pregnant. I have been pregnant 3 times (only have 1 child) and each time suffered from hyperemesis graidarum (severe morning sickness), I would love to have another and have done for the last 4 years since my son was born. Last year we started...
  7. P

    These forums still active? Here goes........ OCD? General Anxiety or just Messed Up inside? Freaky event!

    These forums still active? Here goes........ OCD? General Anxiety or just Messed Up inside? Freaky event! Hi all. I am not really sure what is wrong with me. All I know is that the last two months of my life have been pure pure hell. I keep finding some or other thing to stress about it seems...
  8. A

    OCD playing up again

    Same worries, same problems!! Doing my head in. So I was cleaning my car, using various products and using baby wipes. It was dark outside and I picked some of the baby wipes off of the floor from around my car and I picked up something from under my car (at that moment in time thinking it was...
  9. ThinkingCat

    Cognitive behavioural therapy

    Hi.. so I have had cbt before on 2 occasions. I did find some usefulness to it but overall I have quite negative thoughts about it (ironic).. so my understanding of CBT is that you become aware of your thoughts and challenge them. But to me this just feels pointless. I KNOW my thoughts are...
  10. A

    Hiv ocd creeping its way back.

    Hi everyone hope your all okay. So today my friend got into a fight and ended up injuring a man who was apparently homeless and on drugs. (Yes I know that is completely wrong and I live in a crappy neighbourhood where this happens a lot) anywho, she then got into my car and had blood on her, I...
  11. H

    OCD and exercise

    First time posting, I've only been formerly dealing with OCD for a couple months now and recently it has begun to affect my health. I used to be able to exercise all the time but recently It has just been to hard as i constantly obsess about my skin getting ripped off so lifting weights terrify...
  12. P

    Frustrated with therapist

    My therapist told me that I should just try to ignore my husband. I just have to think of him as having an illness. But his behavior triggers my bipolar. He has neglected our marriage for 7 years, won't allow me to express myself, gets upset if I disagree with him, is dishonest and hasn't been...
  13. L

    Feeling like a failure

    Hey everyone, My friend got kicked out of her house and has nowhere to stay although I'm sure she'll find a homeless shelter or something. She has autism, anxiety and panic attacks and type 1 diabetes. I asked my mum if she could stay with us, she could share my bed. My mum said no, she...
  14. cpuusage

    How Freudian Theory Gave a Start to the Manipulation of the Masses

    How Freudian Theory Gave a Start to the Manipulation of the Masses Freudian theory has made more impact on our life today than you could imagine. Read on to learn how his ideas were used for the manipulation of the masses. In the early 1900s, Sigmund Freud formulated his theories on...
  15. J

    I keep making the same mistakes

    I've never been able to maintain a relationship or a friendship. Even thinking back to elementary school, I was jealous, possessive, and controlling. Everyone liked my best friend better than me, or I perceived it and then it became true. Eventually, in high school, our mutual friend group cut...
  16. S

    Irrational thoughts

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and have so many 'issues' I don't even know where to start, so I'll begin with my most recent problem which has led me to seek help. A couple of days ago, a good friend of mine announced to me that she was going to join my hockey club. Any rational person would be...
  17. F

    Do paranoia co-exist with bipolar?

    Whenever I am manic I am extremely paranoid. I think the world is a bad place. Everyone is out to hurt me. Im my head nobody likes me so they must be out to hurt me. When I manic I also think if someone stares at me or listens to my convos they are spying on me. For a long time I thought the...
  18. N

    Keep nearing panic attack...driving me crazy...

    I hate panic attacks. Hate them. I know we all do, but I thought it was worth really highlighting that fact. I know they're harmless and won't do me any damage but Jesus wept are they horrible... Fortunately, over the years I've found enough ways to calm the f* down instead of have a panic...
  19. A

    Irrational fear of chemicals..

    My gosh! I thought, I was the only one in the world who had a irrational fear of chemicals! I fear that I am going to get poisoned by them. I can't even walk into any store that carries anything with a skull & cross bones without someone with me, basically allowing me to hold on to them. I...
  20. R

    Am I blaming the depression.

    My bf said to me yesterday that I was responsible for what comes out of my mouth and I can't blame the depression for it?? When I get deoressed I know I say irrational or upsetting things that I don't mean but is it me or the depression talking.