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  1. M


    Hi, has anyone experienced compassion focused therapy? I have been referred for an assessment for this and wondered what it involves. m
  2. W

    starting to notice what a disappointment i am to others and myself

    I'm starting to notice what a disappointment I am. People keep trying to help me out and do me a favour, but I don't take it. I don't like "owing" people, so I don't take help even when I need it. I keep trying to help myself, but when I don't know what to expect I panic and run, and it just...
  3. Gajolene

    Socratic questioning, What to Ask Yourself to Get Out of a Negative Thinking Rut

    Socratic questioning, What to Ask Yourself to Get Out of a Negative Thinking Rut https://www.yahoo.com/health/what-to-ask-yourself-to-get-out-of-a-negative-126687212382.html “Socratic questioning involves the use of questions to help someone develop a new perspective,” the study’s co-author...
  4. Kerome

    Mindfulness and the 'just worrying' labelling technique

    The "Just Worrying" Labelling Technque This technique seems to have more than a few followers, and I thought it might prove useful. A prerequisite seems to be that you have already learned the basic mindfulness skill of being aware of your thoughts while preserving some mental distance. The...
  5. C


    Buckinghamshire The Oasis Partnership OASIS House George Street High Wycombe HP11 2RZ Tel 01494-898480 Unity House 98 Walton Street Aylesbury HP21 7QP Tel 01296-338008 [email protected] Oasis stands for ‘Open Access Social Inclusion Support’, which is exactly what we...
  6. M

    Struggling with photos due to negative body image.

    I have been on the receiving end of a tirade of abuse from strangers, students, teachers and supposed loved ones over the years. I sh for the first time as a result of the feelings that erupted from seeing a family Christmas photo. I try to avoid pictures at all costs. I have ripped up pictures...
  7. S

    off to see my occupational therapist tomorrow

    I went along to a meeting with my cpn, whom I didnt like with an advocate and also my hubby who is very depressed following a heart operation last year. they have come up with this (fresh start) which involves scraping talking therapy cbt a medication review and the allocation of a hca and an...
  8. A.m.b.e.r

    Medication & Alcohol ?!? (BP)

    Hi there, As many of you know I am going to be starting a course of new medication (not quite sure which just yet). How does everyone here find taking medication, with socialising with alcohol. Especially as I have many events coming up which involves alcohol. How do you guys cope ? Do you...
  9. maxitab

    What it is.......

    Several definitions of mindfulness have been used in modern Western psychology. According to various prominent psychological definitions, Mindfulness refers to a psychological quality that involves bringing one’s complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis,[1] or...
  10. T

    Beyond anger

    Since being off work for 7 months due to a suspension i've been very down. The thing is i've always had a real temper and with the outcome of my job just around the corner my aggression is really getting worse. I don't bother anybody but im ready for for war if the slightest thing is said to me...