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  1. Zardos

    Paranoid FM

    There's a paranoid voice in my head and i can't tell if its me or not.. Tried drowning it out with music this morning.. That was only semi-successful.. Made a conscious effort to use my internal monologue to sing along with the lyrics but could still 'hear' the paranoid thoughts... This...
  2. K

    Intuition/Ability to read people

    Does anyone who has BPD have a strong intuition and/or the ability to read people?
  3. A


    People cannot read minds or assume. When I interact with someone much of my interaction is foolishly influenced by my emotions more than my logical reasoning. I struggle to balance emotion with logic. It is due to this habit and struggle that I judge, assume, and stereotype. I feel bad and am...
  4. SomersetScorpio

    Anxiety, intuition, freaking out, etc..

    Does anybody else here ever feel like they have a difficult time separating anxiety and their intuition? I've heard and read a lot that basically says your intuition is your best guide and to never ignore a gut feeling. What about when you get that awful impending sense of doom that makes you...
  5. Poopy Doll

    Intuition versus Logic

    I hope this topic is of interest. I am being told by a spiritual teacher that Intuition is greater than Logic. But the Intuition is like a still, small voice I can barely discern and it resembles Worry, so how could I know the difference?? Plus, learning to have Critical Thinking with Logic is...
  6. MorganK

    One of the Newcomers

    Hey, I'm Morgan. I just recently got into the bpd scene as someone exhibiting it--I found some acquaintances with bpd and started realizing that I really relate to some of what they talked about. So after some cautious freaking out and digging into it, I talked to my therapist about it. I pretty...
  7. T

    My mother has cancer... ;(

    I've had this gut feeling that something was wrong with my mother since she started having problems with one of her eyes. I thought that it could be cancer without knowing about symptoms of the disease at all. But today my gut feeling got stronger because she wanted me to take a day off from...