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  1. L

    Associating bad memories with things/places

    I'm an avid furby collector (I know how silly this sounds, please bear with me), I own 6 at the moment and it's just a fun hobby. But about last week my anxiety hit me really hard, like some sort of wave where I couldn't think straight and I got really hyper-aware to everything and it messed me...
  2. G

    Intrusive Thoughts

    I have the most intrusive thoughts before I go to bed... I wish I had someone to talk to before I went to bed each night... I don't want to feel so alone... Last night was so bad that I prayed to God to put me into a coma. At least that way I wouldn't embarrass myself or hurt anybody else.
  3. T

    intrusive thoughts

    so i have intrusive thoughts and its hard to get past them so right now im struggling with it the problem is i try to think of naked guys or guys i like but the intrusive thoughts get in the way so im finding it hard to picture guys naked or if i do they change into the thoughts what should i do
  4. D

    medication for intrusive thoughts?

    okay i am on a few medications and i take seroqel 150mg at bedtime i use it for sleep but for other uses a well one for intrusive thoughts which i feel i need a higer dose but after seeing the side effects and the risk i don't want it anymore i prefer getting off of it. and asking for a safer...
  5. K

    My intrusive thoughts landed me in prison(life sentence)

    I was being watched by the police last year as I had accidentally watched porn with an underage girl. This was not labelled as such, was on a legal site, and I had no idea that she was underage. I’m female too. And I’m attracted to older men not young girls. I had intrusive thoughts which came...
  6. A

    What is the best medication for psychosis

    I'm currently taking Clopixol depot 150mg and i think it causes hypersensitivity towards fabrics, also fever and weight gain, hand tremors and loss of rhythm when dancing and intrusive thoughts. Does anyone know of a medication that has less side effects? I have mild alopecia and i cannot wear...
  7. Anime-Alchemy

    My OCD.

    I have OCD. I remember when I worked at a University, I was in a hall that had students taking their exams, although i'm pretty sure we called them schools rather than halls. So this was the south school I was in and it was assigned to me to look after and make changes, etc for the exam period...
  8. Purple Chaos

    Intrusive thoughts

    Hi, I've been relatively stable for quite a while but recently started having real problems with irrational and intrusive thoughts. It's affecting my day to day life and is seriously doing my head in! I'm usually pretty good at distracting myself, or disregarding such thoughts but these are...
  9. M

    Constant tug of war against intrusive thoughts in my mind?

    Does anyone feel like this? I feel as though I have all these weird intrusive thoughts and I find myself in a constant tug of war against them. I try to push them away with all my psychological might but the fatigue makes it physically impossible for me to overcome them. My mind feels heavy as...
  10. S

    Intrusive thoughts

    Can anyone relate to this? I keep getting intrusive thoughts, happens so often. I think they stem from my anxiety but maybe this is ocd related? Example, I will be chatting to someone, then a thought will appear that is either very dark or totally cringe worthy. It’s like my thoughts are...
  11. A

    Intrusive thoughts

    Hello everyone, I get troubling intrusive thoughts which can be difficult to deal with at times. I was wondering if anyone had any coping strategies. By the way these thoughts started in the year 2010 when i was given a particular antipsychotic medication. I'm not on those meds anymore, i'm...
  12. P

    Need some help for intrusive thoughts

    Past few weeks I have been suffering intrusive ocd thoughts. First one is my mum put cash though the letter box in a father’s day envlope, i worries she took it from the bin my worry comes from when I stayed there she use to take newspaper out bin also put blocked toilet bags in the bin. It’s...
  13. B

    Help - sorry it's so long

    I am writing on this forum for like minded people to put their kind input and advice with my health concerns. I have a history of OCD, depression, binge drinking, and panic disorder. If I start with the problem at the moment which my Dad thinks is severe OCD. It is basically intrusive thoughts...
  14. T

    Sexual intrusive thoughts

    Hey I'm back i was just wondering is it normal for someone's sex life to be a mess because of these thoughts something like worried about having sex invade of the thoughts or can t get hard because your scared of the thoughts is this a normal thing
  15. S

    Intrusive thoughts

    Hi friends! Been a while since a post but I think it’s needed right now. I keep having very bad intrusive thoughts that make me believe I am a bad person. I used to get these a lot, but they were on a different, If not more scary, subject. These thoughts are offensive and things I would never...
  16. T

    Weird question

    Okay i don't know if this has anything to do with ocd or intrusive thoughts but I feel like my sexual arousal has gone can anyone help please
  17. M

    Anxiety. Heartburn and stomach issues

    I've know there has been something wrong with me for a long time now, I always thought it was more than just anxiety. I now believe I suffer from social anxiety. I pretty much have all the symptoms apart from the physical shaking etc. (Mostly intrusive thoughts) I really suffer with unexplained...
  18. C

    Need help today. New to forum and having trouble.

    My story, I had bad anxiety about some obsessive thoughts over my vision about 6 weeks ago and was put on trazodone at night 50mg and setraline at morning 50mg. After being on both for a month at that dose the doc upped me to 100mg of each 5 days ago because i was still feeling kind of bad...
  19. A

    intrusive thoughts

    I used to use ridperidone in 2010 and it left me with intrusive thoughts. That was the first time i had ever experienced these thoughts. I was only on those meds for a few days in 2010. But i still get intrusive thoughts these days. The side effects shouldv'e worn off but it hasn't. What can i...
  20. A

    alternative treatments for intrusive thoughts

    Has anyone tried any alternative treatment for intrusive thoughts like a vitamin or cbt therapy