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  1. I_Want_Inner_Peace

    Trying to be social

    I am an "ambivert" which is in the middle of introversion and extraversion. I struggle 'cause sometimes people wanting to hang can be way too much for me to handle. And other times I don't want to do the same thing at home. I don't even know what hobbies would work best for me. Dies anyone else...
  2. static void

    To feel or not to feel, that is the question.

    I met a lot of people who are depressed (I was too but I'm recovering) and I found out that we value happiness more than healthy people. I think this might lead to a focus on the self, potentially damaging social connections. The secret to finding happiness is not to long happiness but is to let...
  3. V

    being an ultra introvert, being the only one not "normal" in my family, thinking of killing myself soon

    being an ultra introvert, being the only one not "normal" in my family, thinking of killing myself soon so im almost 32 and everyone around me grew up normally, things happen as they're supposed to. they grow up and get jobs, get married, and socialize with big groups of friends and family...
  4. X

    Hello, I'm New

    Hello, I'm new. I enjoy writing, art, and reading. I have depression and anxiety, and I feel very sad alot of the time. Just having a very difficult time emotionally/mentally. Thank you for having me.
  5. G


    Hi. I'm new. Finding this very difficult as I'm a very proud person and never thought I would be in this situation where I struggle on a daily basis with my emotions and mind frame. I'm not sure where my emotions stem from, but I think it's relationship based. I'm going through a rough patch...
  6. M

    Introvert vs social anxiety

    How can i know if i am one or another?
  7. L

    locked up in my introvert shell.

    Can an introvert with asperger syndrome handle the real world? How do you break out of your introvert shell?
  8. S

    Am I an introvert?

    I am a very outgoing person. I have a lot of friends and was constantly involved in social gathering growing up, played soccer in college and always hung out with friends. I am 30 now and the past couple years, hanging out with people is exhausting for me. Even my best friends. I am a stay at...
  9. A

    can aspergers hold you back in life?

    Can my mom hold me back in life or can my aspergers hold me back? I'm an introvert with no good social skills. I've been told before that can be both (or family) people and aspergers can hold a person back.
  10. G

    Feeling Brain Washed..

    Hi Guys. New here. Looking forward to meet you all and learn. I have been visiting a therapist since a year now. He uses psychodepth therapy. Well, the thing is that i've definitely improved over the year and im much healthier now. However, there's one problem which is taking time to go - I...
  11. LoneKnight

    its starting to bother me

    i got this problem when i go outside everyone always looks at me i mean im a big guy 6 feet and build getting bigger but anyways so since i spend a lot of times in my house when i was younger im 21 so ill say it was 5 years ago mostly in my house playing video game i went threw a big depression...
  12. T

    I hate being an introvert

    I'm fed up with being an introvert in an extrovert's world
  13. J

    Visiting parent = anxiety trigger. Help?

    I'm from abroad and have been living in the UK for a decade now. I love my life here. I also love my family but my rare time spent with them proves to be my biggest trigger for anxiety. My father has come over to stay with me for a couple of weeks; it's a big trip for him and it's exciting but...
  14. B

    Does being introvert indicate that you are not valued?

    I'm not really introvert. I show my inactivity and stillness when i am not really interested in the topic being discussed. E.g: Teenage colleagues comparing grades, competency, salaries etc, Friends talking about games, branded stuffs. I feel not comfortable when mixing with these people talking...
  15. Gajolene

    How Introverts Interact With The World Differently Than Extroverts

    Found this article interesting, thought I'd share being an introvert myself. How Introverts Interact With The World Differently Than Extroverts | The Mind Unleashed:peace:
  16. A


    Counselor says I've been emotionally abused all my life; says I am shame based. I'm in counseling for depression and anxiety, attachment issues and general hopelessness, but he has to call every time and tell me I'm late because time no longer exists for me. Glad I'm 5 minutes away from his...
  17. Teakita

    Push Goes to Shove ( My short story of being bullied)

    Hello Everyone, I'm back with a short story about me being bullied during my school years. Yes I have been bullied ever since pre school, When I was a little girl I was very shy, I didn't say much and children thought I was strange they'd push me around and treat me like I was nothing. Then in...
  18. RainbowHeartz


    Being an introvert be genetic I've been wondering since mums like me and we seem to be introverted
  19. L

    23 Signs You’re Secretly a Narcissist Masquerading as a Sensitive Introvert

    23 Signs You’re Secretly a Narcissist Masquerading as a Sensitive Introvert 23 Signs You’re Secretly a Narcissist Masquerading as a Sensitive Introvert | Beautiful Minds, Scientific American Blog Network Thought this applied to this subforum due to the often case of people talking about their...
  20. Weasel

    Introvert OR Extrovert ??

    I'm an Introvert I think I became Introvert, because i developed a ' Stutter ' at the age of 7 It caused no end of embarrasment, frustration and humiliation I often wonder if it was partially the cause of my mental disorder SO - Introvert OR Extrovert ?