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  1. jupiterscreams

    Hello, I'm new here

    And well here's my introduction.. I'm feeling more lonely, more of an outcast and more irrelevant than I have ever felt over the past few years and I've joined the forum tonight in order to express myself, show myself and hopefully find some friends. My story is so long that I just can't type...
  2. G


    Hello my name is Sian and I am new and would like too meet new friends.
  3. A


    Hiya my name's Andy, I'm 24 and I'm from Newcastle, England. I've had depression since I was 11 years old and have been medicated since I was 16 when I began to have audiovisual hallucinations. Throughout my life I have had experience with self harm and I have attempted suicide 8 times. Now...
  4. K


    Hello forum world, this isnt something i thought i would ever do, but i think im asking for some help. I was dignosed with bi polar 2 days before christmas, i have been placed onto a medication that im strugling with. It became evident that i have been suffering with the dissorder for...

    new member

    HELLO everyone , i thought i have to try making my first post .. so i'm introducing myself :D BLACKRYZTAL is my username here .. i found this forum through searching.. so if anyone needs advise or something dont hesitate to ask :)
  6. W


    Hi I have joined to seek advice and hopefully some help so hi everyone. well being ?
  7. R

    Hello From Tasmania

    1. EMPLOYMENT-SOCIAL-ROLE POSITIONS: 1943-2009 1999-2009-Writer/Poet/Publisher/Journalist and Retired Teacher/Lecturer/Tutor/Adult Educator/Facilitator George Town Tasmania Australia 2002-2005-Program Presenter City Park Radio Launceston 1999-2004-Tutor and/or President George Town School...
  8. J


    Hi, I'm not sure where to put this, So, I am putting it here. My name is Josh Becker, I am 17 years old and I live in Ohio. I came to this forum seeking advice and hopefully someone's personal experience to help me with my mental health issues. I am an open-minded person and I always seek...
  9. I


    Hi there everybody, Looking for a place where I can read and write about the ups and downs of life with depression and anxiety. I'm in Edinburgh. I'm currently recovering from a broken wrist, and more to the point, suffering from withdrawal symptoms from the dihydrocodeine I was given for the...
  10. F

    Introduction to me & mental health

    Dear Forum, This is what I wrote in my blog, I thought I would share it and see if anyone wants to discuss anything.:hi: After a long absence I am back. Sometimes you need a break, a rest and an absence before coming back to, stumbling upon or looking for that something in your life that was...
  11. M

    First time on site.

    Hello all,came across mhf a few days ago and decided to take the plunge. (posted introduction on depression forum earlier today; didn't realise there was introduction forum). I'm a 40 year old scottish male and have had depression, anxiety and p.t.s.d. For 8 years. (unlike other scottish...
  12. R


    Just a quick note to introduce myself as I'm new to this forum. I'm 29, British and have a current diagnosis of bipolar disorder. I'm here to try to meet other people with similar problems and to discuss experiences and coping strategies especially for voice hearing and self harm.
  13. MaruMaro

    Hello :)

    Hi there, take it this is where im supposed to say hi to people, im not very fond of forums but i think this one will be particularly useful, i am a carer of my mam who has depression and might find some of the topics you discuss here to be useful. :) My hobbies include video gaming, tv and...