introducing myself

  1. MiaMaria

    Newbie seeking understanding & comfort

    I'm a 32 year old single parent. Mother to my beautiful daughter age 10. She truly is my angel and if it wasn't for her i honestly would have been gone a long time ago. I have been attempting to outgrow my depression for well over a decade. Had a nervous breakdown at 23 yrs and one at 26yrs...
  2. Brian01

    new member saying hello

    hi, im new here so be nice to me :) My name is Brian..... if people wish to know more then by all means msgs me but HELLO TO YOU ALL :hi:

    New to Nieghborhood

    :dance: Allow me to introduce myself. I am diagnosed, BiPolar, PTSD, Anxiety, Borderline Personality disorder. I was initially diagnosed in1990 with Panic disorder, agoraphobia, and deppresion. As the layers peeled away in therapy, my self-awarness grew, giving me incredable insight into the...
  4. D

    Hey, I'm Dannie =)

    Hi, I'm dannie (danielle), i'm 20, i live in west sussex, have a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder/emotional intensity disorder (i prefer the emotional intensity one as it makes more sense) with bipolar traits ,ptsd,depersonalisation/dissociation and i self harm (since the age of 9)...