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introducing myself

  1. L


    Hi, I have generalised anxiety (along with ibs), most probably depression (it's a long story) and I've battled with OCD which seems to show signs of returning whenever I get too stressed. I've joined as even though my friends told me I can turn to them as talking about it all really helps me...
  2. saher

    Tired Little Big soul says Hi!

    Hi, guys! Soooo I am new here and wanted to join it for two reasons. umm... I research and read enough to realize i am not alone in this, and share information that i have regarding new topic. yup:nod1: takecare :flowers:
  3. E

    My Journey with Depression, Anxiety and Life

    Greetings All, I've never shared, outside of a small network of close people, some of the struggles I've dealt with in recent years. My hope is that by sharing some of the things I've been dealing with, by opening up in a more "public" way, I can help make myself feel better about some of it...
  4. D

    The Best Introduction you've ever seen.. maybe.

    :popcorn: okay, My name is Cameron, but in reality, I'm called "Tree" due to my height an I look like a lumberjack, apparently. I am a young adult at the age of 18. I, of course, am here for the same reason you all are here. one, to discuss my problems, here to help others, and to burn all the...
  5. K

    I'm the new girl!

    Hi everyone, new here! I'm 24 years old and always had anxiety. Pretty sure I was just born with an anxious brain. I've also struggled a lot with depression, but that's been a bit better this year. At the moment I'm on pregabalin... The 4th drug I've tried to treat it, and I don't like this one...
  6. P


    Hello everyone, This is a first for me to be apart of a online community who are here to support each other, I am apprehensive but excited. Just an introduction on myself I am 22 and a caring person, I love exercising and I'm a bird lover. I believe that sharing experiences and opinions could...
  7. D

    New to this ...so yh... hiya

    Hiya everyone hope ur all good... im 26 from Manchester.... i suffer from depression anger an anxiety. Sometimes voices but only when I let them talk 🙈. So yh never done this before. Don't no if its any good. Soon find out.
  8. W

    Hi, I've just joined. Getting to better

    Hi, I'm new here. Like many of you, I've had the "demons" inside my head tormenting me for my lifetime. Drugs help, but they muffle more than extinguish the pain. There is nothing worse than having your mind - the one thing you can't escape - turn against you. I'm hoping to learn how some of...
  9. N


    I've never really used a forum like this before, so I don't really knew what to expect but I'm hoping to meet people who understand what I'm going through. I've had depression for about 6/7 years now alongside social anxiety disorder (though that's been in remission for several years, which is...
  10. AloneAmongFriends

    Alone Among Friends

    Hi everyone, My name is Teri & I am AloneAmongFriends. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada & the mental health here is the pits. I have been through 6 counselors in a year & finally gave up. Having to tell your story over & over again is annoying as HELL. Like we don't have enough to deal with...
  11. LexiDoll

    Hi everyone! New member here!

    Hi everyone. I'm suffering with body dysmorphic disorder which has caused other mental issues, such as anorexia, depression, anxiety and OCD. I suffer from PTSD and am bipolar. I'm here because I want to desperately to get better. My OH and I are trying for a baby and I need to get better for...
  12. S


    Hi everyone! I really love it here and I am really hoping to get to express myself, and talk about my problems and also make friends. Very wonderful to be here :)
  13. R

    I am new here

    Hi, My name is Ramona, I have to say that I'm pretty surprise that its 2015 already the years keep pasting by with so much changes, when I first notice this website, I realized how fascinating it is and that I was hoping to get to communicate and express myself a little better, because I am...
  14. A

    Just moved in, need to meet my neighbours

    Hello. New here. Have been on another forum since my son became ill with schizophrenia in early 2013. Have found it more helpful than I can put into words to connect with other carers and others living with mental illness as a way of feeling less like an alien since our lives changed so...
  15. S

    Solitary star.

    Hello - I just wanted to say that in my experience we are all capable of managing mental health problems - I encourage everyone to forgive their own and others mistakes. Ian.:innocent:
  16. FreeMyMind

    Hi 😳

    Hi, yes I am a newbie around town. ☺️ I'm a little shy, and prefer to keep myself to myself. I'm glad to have stumbled across this form, as I enjoy helping others and giving advice and opinions. I'm the type of person that is always there to help anyone in a crisis. I rarely tell others about my...
  17. K


    Well... Hello, I guess. My name is Katie and I'm from Wales. I absolutely love tattoos, I have one myself and plan to get a few more. Music is a huge passion of mine, particularly songs with meaningful lyrics that I can connect too. I'm also a huge lover of Cheryl Cole! I struggle a lot with my...
  18. E

    New(did i post this already?)

    i've made a few posts already but figured i would 'introduce' myself. i'm 21 and just moved to the big island of hawaii. i'm diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, OCD, ADHD, insomnia, and i heard some traits of borderline personality disorder, but i don't know exactly exactly what my...
  19. peace_within

    Hello... I'm new ish

    Hello... already had a look around the forum and wanted to post a introduction :-) In this life I have already been to 'rock bottom' and am now building a strong foundation for myself. I am here to listen and to share. I keep returning to the thought that 'I am healing myself', and through...
  20. DancingInk

    Hi there

    So, I'm new here then... I've been suffering from different mental health problems for almost all my life. I am 23 now. When I was a teenager I started self harming and became bulimic. I've started having panic attacks a few years ago and been diagnosed with BPD a couple of weeks ago. It takes...