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  1. U

    Introducing myself

    Hello I am new to the forum, as I hope someone will be able to resonate with me. For the past two years I have been experiencing several issues with my mental health. It started when I had a panic attack on a plane over two years ago, the point where I think changed me. After this I have become...
  2. H

    Hi I am Harley

    Hi I am Harley! I have BPD, severe depression, Body Dysmorphic Disorder and anxiety. I have been struggling for a lot of my life but my family never seems to understand they as think me trying to commit suicide is attention seeking and I am being stupid. I have tried to overdose 6 times but am...
  3. Poopy Doll

    The Burden of my Whole Life is Before me

    I try to remember what it was like in my thirties. I remember the hyper sexuality and the crying every month when I felt shame for my adultery. I don't necessarily believe that this was a bad thing to have hypersexuality. If my husband had been interested, it could have worked out fine and...
  4. F

    Mental health goals may not be met, audit office warns

    A government pledge to bring mental health services up to the standards of those for physical ailments will struggle to be met, the government’s official spending watchdog has concluded. The National Audit Office has examined the Department of Health’s strategy for bringing a “parity of esteem”...
  5. M

    I havent introduced myself yet!, Hi! <3

    My name is chris , Im a 25 year old schizophrenic. My schizophrenia hasnt acted up until late into adulthood . I was diagnosed as depressed first, so i took anti depressants for 2 years before i got stable and on the right meds. Latuda. But my new psychiatrist figured out i was schizophrenic...
  6. F

    The elusive nurse practitioner

    Took charge of my care(except seeing pdoc in case of emergency) in Dec 2012. Aug 2014 have yet to be introduced to her-admittedly she's been off sick twice
  7. Lawrence

    Hello MHF!

    I am a new member, my friend introduced me to this forum, and yes, I have issues.
  8. N

    Should have introduced myself earlier

    Hello! I should have introduced myself earlier, lately I have posted a bunch of threads and feel like I am asking for a bunch of advice and not offering much out. Hopefully after this current 'crisis' is fully resolved that will change. I am 22 and up until a couple months ago had not been...