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  1. L

    Reaching out into the void

    Hello I'm Lilac and I'm a 21 year old female from the US. I've struggled with severe depression, social anxiety and general anxiety since I was about 10. I'm in a really bad state right now and I'm afraid all that I am capable of feeling is sadness, boredom, and crippling loneliness. I hope that...
  2. L

    Hey, I’m a mess

    Hey there, all, I’m Lirio and I’m a mess (humour). In all seriousness, I have a lot of complex mental health needs, and will probably only be using this forum occasionally for support. Have a current problem I’m looking for support with, details on that will probably follow in a different...
  3. J

    Hi guys

    Hello, I am new here and hope to participate in discussion of the community. I'm quite shy but I hope to get support on depression, anxiety, moodiness. I have family members who has autism and OCD. Looking for help from other people too, I guess to know I'm not the only person with such issues...
  4. jason00


    hi. my name is jason and i'm an 18 year old bisexual woman. i have professionally diagnosed ADHD and GAD. i am also diagnosed with Bipolar 2, but i am not completely sure about that one. i have symptoms of Autism, but have not sought out a diagnosis, nor am i sure whether or not i'm actually...
  5. calmsea

    hello, basic intro

    I'm a 27 year-old male living in California. I feel mentally exhausted right now. My latest diagnosis was major depressive disorder, recurrent episodes, moderate with mood-congruent psychotic features. I also have mixed state depressions. I wish that everyone would be loved and understood. I see...
  6. L

    Hello, I'm looking for a place to express my inner struggles.

    Hey. There isn't much interesting about me. I love writing, playing video games, and watching anime. I'm a cynical person and I love cynical humor but I always try not to hurt anyone. Right now things have gotten rough in life and I've slowly felt myself falling back into depression. I'm hoping...
  7. S

    I guess I can't put this off forever

    I've been staring at this blank page for the better part of the last 10 minutes already. Anyways, hello from this out-of-touch recluse. I apologize for the lengthy gut-spilling below- I've been struggling with various things for years and years. Depression starts to sound less like a...
  8. A


    Hi everyone! I'm Azera (not my real name, but my forum name since that can't be released :)) I'm currently in college working towards a bachelor's in Clinical Psychology. I'm diagnosed as Bipolar 2 but with psychosis, and I have Agoraphobia with Panic Disorder as well as Generalized Anxiety...
  9. C


    hi everyone, first time on here and im hoping to get to know a few people and perhaps make some new friends and more than anything get some help or even help someone else
  10. Becca32


    Hi Everyone, I joined the forum today in hopes to learn from others' experiences; I know I'm not the first person to feel how I feel sometimes.
  11. Cry-Baby

    ▲ new member ▲

    Hello everyone! :peace: I am a 25-years-old Taurus who creates art in California, where I reside. I have been diagnosed with bipolar II, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, and attention deficit disorder. I am going to keep my introduction short & sweet, so if you...
  12. U

    Hi I'm new

    It took me so long to post this but I need to get it off my chest. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. It all started back in uni when people bullied me for the art I created (both pupils and students) it got to the point where I couldn't leave the house because I felt sick. I then...
  13. SoftRain

    DBT videos

    I was looking through YouTube and found this lady recovery mum. She has been through so many things. Drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and has BPD. If you go through her playlist under solutions she has made several videos on dbt and what she learned after being in it for 2 years. She...
  14. S


    Hey everyone, new here!!
  15. CrazySteff95


    Hello everyone, happy to be here! :) I come to this forum after being mercilessly, and unreasonably banned from the first-ever forum I joined, the High IQ Forum. :mad: I advise everyone who might want to join that forum not to do it, [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]This is my introduction...
  16. N


    Hi all. New to the forum. will be writing lots of things. bear with me.:goodluck:
  17. WakeOwl

    I've got a bone to pick.. P: [intro]

    Hello everyone! Just joined the site today but you'd be surprised how hard it was to find.. Regardless, my name is Shannon and I am 19 years old. I'm currently undergoing some treatment for BPD. :) I'm not usually an optimistic person but just knowing now what the problem is makes me a little...
  18. D


    Hi i have recently found these forums when searching google for self help on depression but last year i had a mental breakdown due to the increased pressures of the job centre and got taken off and put on esa after an attempted suicide left me with the mental health team at the hospital i have...
  19. K


    Hello my name is Kevin, I am interested in good health, and getting advice for friends and family.
  20. O

    Hello! I'm all shiny and new so please be nice :)

    I'm so glad I stumbled across this forum as I'm looking for some friends and support. I'm very keen to hear other people's experiences and talk about anything, it doesn't just have to be about the difficult stuff, sometimes it's just nice to chat. I recently visited my doctor as I have been...