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  1. J

    Somewhere between Bipolar 1 and 2

    Hi, I am new here. I registered to get and provide support for those dealing with similar issues such as mine. I have a history of depression/mood issues since childhood. Full blown manic episode 2013 - age 23. Diagnosed in 2016. 5+ years in recovery from drugs/alcohol. Extreme bouts of...
  2. F

    Relationship patterns, intimate and non intimate, why?

    Can anyone help me to understand this please? I seem to have formed a pattern with partners and relationships. One relationship has intimacy and then the next does to start with, but it grinds down to nothing. The relationship with intimacy will be boring, apart from the intimacy (not much...
  3. H

    Help! Advice needed (for partner) on anxiety-intimacy issue

    *warning, contains elements of a sexual nature* Hello, I am new here and I hope someone can give me some advice... A couple of months ago I started seeing a colleague, as we both realised we had feelings for each other. He did tell me that he wasn't really ready for a relationship as he's...
  4. D

    Confused By My Moods

    Hi, Thank you in advance for reading this. There is a lot of mentall illness in my immediate family. It includes bi-polar, manic depression and, in one sibling's case, schizophrenia. I'm not concerned that I have any of the above, but I have recently shown consistent signs of depression and...
  5. C


    I so miss having intimacy with my partner. I'm caring for him so much.. I'm not getting nothing from him. I sound selfish but I'm really not a selfish person. I just miss making love to him. I'm afraid to go out on a night out with friends incase I stray. .and to be honest I think I would. I...
  6. H

    How do I progress in my great relationship without pushing away my overly affectionate boyfriend?

    How do I progress in my great relationship without pushing away my overly affectionate boyfriend? So bit of background (for context not pity by any stretch of the imagination)... I came out of a two year relationship in March (although it was basically over within the first week of Jan but we...
  7. S

    My ex has BPD

    What does she mean when she says I can't have any type of intimacy with you anymore because it's "too hard on my feelings"?
  8. rookie2012

    Trying not to die alone

    For single folks out there, just wondering, do you ever feel like your illnesses are going to be the reason youre going to be single forever? And if you've worked out a way of curbing this feeling... please share? :panic: I grew up with domestic abuse and was abused in a past relationship now...
  9. N

    Do you have a "perfect person"/imaginary friend?

    There are quite a few people on here that have said they understand the way I think so hoping others can relate to this too! When I was a kid I had kind-of imaginary friends. I didn't play with them and talk to them externally, I don't think, although sometimes I would speak their stories out...
  10. G

    Wow! Where do I go next?

    Greetings! For a person who is overwhelmed in choosing which shampoo to buy, I find myself completely non-plussed about where to post. As my profile says, I've been diagnosed with an alphabet soup of disorders: PTSD, GAD, HSP, AvPD, "secret" SPD, even schizotypal. Anxiety, depression...
  11. deire

    Intimacy Fears

    Anyone else experience this? When interest is shown in me as more than a friend, I kind of freeze up and close into a shell until it disappears. Its hard as I feel i am ready for a relationship, but my mind and body won't seem to let me go forward out of fear. I'm 25 and i've had one...
  12. B

    First time forum.

    Hello, this is my first time ever doing anything like this. I am a 43 female and i have battled depression all my adult life, also been on many different anti-depressants, yesterday I was prescribed Paroxitine and also been on Respiridone for 8wks. I am at the lowest i have felt in a long time...
  13. F

    Scared of physical intimacy

    Although I was with someone for 22 years(7 of which involved uneven periods of sexual activity) I have always found physical intimacy difficult. A part of me wants friends but another part of me is scared of people getting too close and things going beyond the platonic. I think it doesn't help...
  14. J

    i think its happening again

    I was discharged from my psychiatrist and taken off my medication in February after 5 long years of suffering with depression and I never felt so alive, I remember saying to my mum that if anyone can feel as good as I didthen life is worth living. I always thought I would recognise the signs if...
  15. O

    No sex....

    I was wondering what the psychological and physiological effects of a man not having sex, or any form of intimacy from a woman, for over 13 years would be.
  16. dubblemonkey

    in a relationship with me

    ...I seek those that have had an emotional disturbance with me... I sought those that never realised that they would have such desperate discomfort with me! I tried to run far and continue to run way before those that I was trying to save?! ...from me... but the problem was ?...that no-body...
  17. T

    Intimacy terrifies me

    I love my partner and we were friends long before we got together so he knew my issues and still tells me he loves me. I know I have his support and that helps so much, but when I'm down the thought of touch or a kiss can make me sick and the thought of having sex terrifies me. Yet when I'm...
  18. F

    no intimacy

    my partner has major depression and there is no intimacy in the relationship does anyone feel the same way and/or have any suggestions
  19. SMVDM

    Do you find a healthy sex life difficult and have bpd?

    Hey there guys, ive already posted about some intimacy problems ive been experiencing and someone suggested a schizoid disorder and i looked into it but im not sure i full relate to it, i certainly relate to some of it but yeah not sure. i am just wondering if its a common problem among...
  20. L

    Single forever????

    I'm 31 and have never really had a meaningful relationship with a man. I find it difficult making friends with women let alone men. I find it very hard to find what to say to men and when things do get intimate I find it hard to express myself and end up in situations that I find...