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  1. E

    What Types of Voices Are There?

    There are many kinds of voices this is a list of some that may be common to voice hearers and some that may not be so common. Narrators Narrators state every thought you have either in the first, second or third person viewpoint. For example, they might say "I am typing these words," as I...
  2. pepecat

    Research request - in connection with Intervoice and Hearing Voices Network

    Research request - in connection with Intervoice and Hearing Voices Network Please note this request has been approved by forum staff. Could you help us to contribute to our understanding of the experience of hearing voices and other sensory perceptions? We are conducting two studies...
  3. E

    Coping Strategies for Voice Hearing

    Hi there, these are some helpful techniques that I think may of help to others. This may be of use to low to mid level intensities. But if you find that you are not coping, even though you may be trying these suggestions, it is important to seek help from a medical professional: Focussing...
  4. E

    Things that have helped me with my voices

    Hi there, these are some suggestions that I found might be of help to others. Theses ideas may be of some help to others, but it's important to seek a medical professional as soon as possible: Focussing Techniques Being able to concentrate while you are hearing voices. Identify your voices...
  5. jacq78

    Bipolar-Awaiting psychiatric appointment

    :unsure: Hi everyone im a newbie on here and really need some advice,support or just someone to understand me. Ive been diagnosed as clinically depressed for 18yrs now and no meds,help,or anything has helped so i went to my GP in desperation as i was suicidal. Ive now been diagnosed as Bipolar...
  6. v01ce5

    Check out the revamped Hearing Voices Forum

    There is a new revamped forum for people who hear voices that has recently been as part of the MHF. There can be some areas of interest and concern that overlap the two forums, so if you are reading and posting here you may be interested in taking a look a the Hearing Voices Forum too. You...
  7. v01ce5

    The World of Exorcism & Mental illness

    The World of Exorcism & Mental illness, Odette Nightsky: examines relationship between Exorcism & mental health at the INTERVOICE web http://www.intervoiceonline.org/assets/2010/4/22/Exorcism_and_Mental_Illiness..pdf
  8. P

    Merging INTERVOICE Forum with the Mental Health Forum - A proposal

    Hi Everybody Because of the problems we have been experiencing recently with the running of the forum For instance: the problems with spam being sent to peoples post boxes the large number of fake join ups we are receiving. the inappropriate postings and the need for more moderation the...
  9. v01ce5

    Open lett to Oprah Winfrey about "7 year old schizophrenic"

    From INTERVOICE We have written this letter in response to a Oprah Winfrey program about Jani, "The 7-Year-Old Schizophrenic”, broadcast on the 6th November 2009 addressing the issues facing a child in psychiatric care who has been diagnosed a "schizophrenic" at 7 years of age. A recent Oprah...
  10. R

    Intervoice Withdrawl

    All, I have decided to withdraw from participating here at Intervoice for the time being once again. Yes, this could possibly be the best thread I have ever started. I'm afraid I've been depleted as far as giving support goes. Anyone who wishes may contact me through private message or email...
  11. P

    New report on the INTERVOICE meeting, Australia, November 2008

    The latest edtion of the HVN Australia Newsletter (February 2009) is packed with stories and photos from the INTERVOICE meeting. Over hundred people from nine countries attended. You can read the excellent account here
  12. v01ce5

    Welcome to the Hearing Voices Forum

    Welcome to the Hearing Voices Forum, run by the Mental Health Forum in association with Intervoice, the movement which works across the world to spread positive and hopeful messages about the experience of hearing voices. The purpose of this forum is to encourage mutual support, discussion and...