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  1. 1

    Should I disclose social anxiety at a job interview?

    Hi all, I'm 27 and suffer with social anxiety, that only seems to be getting worse with age. I'm working full time at the moment, but looking for a new job, hopefully an accounts / finance role. I'm lòoking to leave because our office size has just quadrupled due to an office merge, and I just...

    Anyone has interview anxiety?

    I built good attitude of work such as self-motivated, cheerful, leadership, enthusiasm, energetic when I am in good mood. But I am down, I just cant performance well. I have an interview tomorrow I feel nervous. I think I have no strength instead having multiple negative traits. But I need...
  3. qwerty1234

    I can't be myself around people

    I am too direct and nosy by nature. I am transparent myself. And I think a lot about psychology and relationships. I would ask questions that turn people off, like about whether my friend is still married, or what people think of me, I would never pass a work interview because I would say...
  4. L

    Hi I'm new

    Hi Iv just joined. Iv suffered with anxiety since I was very young. Iv had good times and very very dark times. I was doing ok, until December last year I had a job interview. The manager offered me the job on the spot and I freaked out. I had a full scale breakdown and I turned job the job. I...
  5. F

    New job and anxiety problem

    Hi all I have anxiety and depression I was diagnosed beginning of the year and currently on medication.i have been signed off work on reduced hours for 8 months and signed off completely for the last month. The main reason behind this illness is due to my current place of work. So have decided...
  6. R

    phoning saneline

    phoned saneline about my journey on the train thur, after 4 attempts over 3 days got through, the first part of the interview is about finding a diagnosis, i once got told this is a telephone help line for the mentally ill, anyway half the interview involves identifying if your a suitable case...
  7. B

    Came Across An Interesting Interview On Health And Longevity

    Been thinking about this ever since I read Kurzweil’s book ‘Transcend’. Many people might already be familiar with his ideas and his theory of exponential growth and how that will affect our health and longevity. Here’s the latest interview with him where he succintly summarizes his predictions...
  8. H

    Waitrose group interview

    I have a group interview tomorrow. I feel so sick at the thought. I think I would be fab in the role, but I think I will flunk the interview so that sucks. I have been looking up possible interview questions but that has just freaked me out so bad. Also I read one of the questions they could...
  9. shaky

    Job Interview - failed

    I had a job interview, to be a delivery driver But I got an email to say that they had picked someone else :( Misery
  10. I

    Another chemical castration interview I did with another service user

    He is Shaun 32 from England but he was 22 at the time. It is a transcripted interview. The very same psychiatric drugs that are given to the 'mentally ill' are given to chemically castrate sex offenders. When this chemical castration effect is permanent despite throwing away the medication, this...
  11. V

    Just joined, I feel my career is a lie

    I have worked very hard to have a successful career, but things have been very difficult for me since age 18. I am now 26 and my career has barely started. I got my offer letter yesterday. It’s been a year since I finished grad school. My first job after my Masters’ was an internship at a...
  12. Kerome

    Interview with Robert Whitaker

    I enjoyed reading this, it's good that he's finally getting through to a few people. It's an interview from 2014 but still very relevant. Psychiatry Now Admits It's Been Wrong in Big Ways - But Can It Change?
  13. R

    so scared of job interview tomorrow...

    My friend's mother works at my local library, and put in a good word for me there when I sent in my application a few days ago. They called me back immediately the day after I sent it in and the lady I talked with asked me a basic question such as "why do you want to work here?" and I, being...
  14. J

    Compliance telephone interview frel sick

    Hi i feel physically sick i have just had a letter saying notification of local service compliance telephone interview and im in a panic whats ir for im on esa have for 4yrs and just applied for pip can anyone help
  15. I

    Another Sterilising The Mentally ill Interview

    A New Sterilising the mentally ill Interview! from the Everyday PsychVictims Project. - Leon was kept in hospital for almost 2 years. There is not much space on a cramped ward and they inject the patients with permanently castrating anti-psychotic drugs. Most often forcing people to keep taking...
  16. R

    mind interview

    i’ve got an interview with the mind guy who runs my group he’s going to refer me to voiceability. he’s going to be showing me what he puts on the form,some strange empowerment, it’s all going to be negative comments that i’m going to have to agree with to acess help used to be you’d have a...
  17. I

    bad interview

    Hi I gave my interview my absolutely best but the interviewer wasn't intewared.for example they wernt ready for me didn't even have my application to hand,it was supposed to be a role play he just asked ne a few questions,no role play,he didn't ask me if I has any questions didn't even ask for...
  18. I

    can i ask a massive favour please?interview

    Hi I have an interview for m and s coming up and Was wonderin if anyone could ask me practice interview questions? Thankyou
  19. valleygirl

    I have a job interview tomorrow!

    I submitted my resume yesterday and they contacted me this morning and my interview is tomorrow afternoon!:clap:
  20. I

    Advice please

    So I've been looking for voluntary work as a way of getting fulltime work,I emailed one school they replied back inviting me to apply for a paid job instead if volunteer as they are really interested,abs have emailed me asking me to arrange an interview,however I'm a bit unsure as to whether to...