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    I think I'll wait till it's light

    To try and sleep. As sometimes happens the dark is triggering my paranoia. Odd sounds are setting my mind abuzz with thoughts of being attacked. Irrational thoughts while lying in bed that there was someone in my living room , Yes I can say it's irrational but the damn thought still invades my...
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    Buckinghamshire The Oasis Partnership OASIS House George Street High Wycombe HP11 2RZ Tel 01494-898480 Unity House 98 Walton Street Aylesbury HP21 7QP Tel 01296-338008 [email protected] Oasis stands for ‘Open Access Social Inclusion Support’, which is exactly what we...
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    With me I like my own company sometimes and get bored with it at others. I think a lot of the desire to reduce social isolation is to do with lessening boredom rather than a desire for lots of friends. I think if I had close friends in my life I'd find the effort to maintain the friendships a...