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  1. R

    Having thin skin, not handling Internet

    I try to stay out of everyones way, and do my best to be resilient when comes to being on the recieving end of getting flak but its gotten to the point where I can't take it anymore. I posted a rant on a facebook group about a game, & got 3 backlash comments, one in paticular was super harsh. He...
  2. N

    Do you think my MP can help is there is a conspiracy against me?

    Against myself and that its important for me to tell somebody incase something happens to me. I can’t go too much into it as they are probably monitoring my internet usage and what I write. What can a MP do? Will they help, will they investigate?
  3. shaky

    What's wrong with me - internet dating

    I've been using internet dating sites for years. What happens every time is... I message some, with a few lines about why I think we are compatible They message back. I message them with some info about my likes and dislikes and ask a question or two for them to respond to. They message back...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    family and friends-how much do you have?

    i have very little had mummy who was my carer but she died 3 years ago have my sister have my 90 year old aunt is all 1 RL friend i never see and some online friends would be lost without the internet am so jealous of people who have...
  5. A


    But I somehow managed to be the only person to not get a single response and I don't need the Internet to make me feel lonely to. Goodbye
  6. C

    autistic and add, have multiple other issues?

    hey. I'm autistic... And suspecting something else. I seem to encounter a lot of instability, like creating and destroying communities and very easily changing mind. My obsession/hyperfixation issue got worse since jan 16 too, it was bad already but now i cannot stop creepily obsessing and...
  7. Mr.NiceGuy

    voices after talking on internet

    I tripped out again last night talking on the internet on one laptop and playing music fairly loud. Whenever I make real time contact with people on the internet I generally start to hear them as a voice. My voices started responding as if these people and anyone that crossed my mind, could...
  8. K

    Trying to identify the problem.

    Until maybe ten years ago my wife was a happy, go anywhere, life and soul of the party type of girl - but slowly things have changed and I am trying to understand what is going on and how to overcome the problem. Background information - we are in our early seventies, children grown up and...
  9. Hikikomori1979

    Fake internet dating profiles

    I had one "who was too good to be true" to try to get me to upgrade a profile i had on a certain website (account was deleted by the service within an hour) and ive been put off by internet dating Besides, isnt internet dating designed for those who've been left behind in society? no offense to...
  10. letmein

    good people

    there are good people on here, people who really try to help. I don't post too much as I can go on and on, also I stay offline for days as the internet is not a good place for me. just needed to say thank you.
  11. K


    My name is Katie. I'm 28 years old with two children and have Bipolar II, Disorder. Was checking out some forums on the internet and came across this forum and it seemed to stick with me.... So... HERE I AM! ☺️
  12. C

    How the internet has affected me

    I have an internet addiction. When I am offline for one hour, I can feel myself getting really tense, taking my anger out on my family. My boyfriend lives in Australia and we talk daily, but I just feel like I am in love with my phone. I always complain about my problems to him and I think he...
  13. F

    The move

    This forthcoming move is really doing a number on me anxiety/worrying wise, It seems that no amount of reassurance can take my anxiety/worrying away for very long. I keep on thinking I'll end up homeless or when I move my internet contact with other people will end. That thought really creeps me...
  14. I

    Speak Out Against Psychiatry On Internet Tv Channel Windows on the World

    Speak Out Against Psychiatry On Internet Tv Channel Windows on the World I was interviewed with another member of speak out against psychiatry (a psychologist) on the internet TV channel Windows on The World. We talked about the system, the DMS. And I talked about PSSD and being drugged and...
  15. F

    Obsessions vs special interests

    I wonder what the difference,if there is one, is. I don't think mine would count as special interests but do think they affect my functioning as I can become fixated on them to the neglect of other things . Pre internet: Making cassette tapes by artist/genre/year etc. Writing lists of songs by...
  16. Kerome

    Guru's and the Internet Age

    I was wondering, is it not strange that all these guru's, people with a real claim to be enlightened, come along before the internet age? Jiddhu Krishnamurti, George Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi, Meher Baba, Osho, just to pick out a few who garnered a lot of attention in the twentieth century...
  17. Poopy Doll

    Kicked out of another internet support group

    I got kicked out of another internet support group for merely questioning their rules. I thought it was ridiculous to have to put "trigger warning" on nearly everything before posting. Someone was talking about divorce, and it required a trigger warning. I said they were over protecting people...
  18. J

    I want to learn!

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. I'm a student from London and am in need of some help. I have been reading up a lot about Agoraphobia recently as a very close member of my family suffers from Anxiety. I would love to learn more with regards to how you use the internet to help, and, if...
  19. Mr.NiceGuy

    Do you hear voices after talking on the phone?

    voices seem more real like they have identity after I hang up a phone or am in contact with someone on the internet. Anybody else get this way?
  20. F

    How do people with psychosis use online health information, and do they tell their clinicians?

    How do people with psychosis use online health information, and do they tell their clinicians? The accessibility of the internet is changing the way people learn about their illness, with “Dr Google” (as some health professionals may derogatorily call it) only a few search terms away. The...