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  1. N

    Hi, NorasDad here. Just got diagnosed after 40 years!

    Hi All, The realization that my life has been dominated by OCD just came to me in the past few months - and is still coming. I just got effective drug therapy (60mg of Lexapro) and it's a different world. I would be interested in ANY suggestions - here, offline, or in another thread - as to...
  2. qwerty1234

    I believe in telepathy but my father doesn't like me talking about it.

    I have been talking about it with my friends and my Dad thinks they are just humoring me. It lowers my self confidence a lot. I believe that the electronic waves emitted by the brain and picked up by EEG also affect human behavior, including our subconscious, and am interested in the idea...
  3. Deadheading

    Rage against humanity

    I am alone and I have been very unsuccessful finding friends online to talk to. No one writes back. Online is easier for me because they write in their little post about what they like or are interested in. It makes it easier for me to strike up a conversation when I know something about the...
  4. L

    Hello Everyone

    Hello there, my name is Tomer and I'm 23 years old. I joined the forum to help and be helped. I was diagnosed with OCD for those interested. Not to make this post too long, just wanted to say hello.:)
  5. A


    Just saying hi to everyone. I'm having a hard time at the moment I've been bipolar and stable for almost a couple of decades now. But recently everything seemed to unravel. I started messing with this stuff called kratom to keep me hypomanic so that I could work without feeling majorly stressed...
  6. S

    Hello all

    Just thought that I should introduce myself. I'm 23 and work as a web developer. I suffer with depression and anxiety which comes from existinal crisis thoughts... I've suffered with these thoughts for around 5 years and I tend to have an episode of deep depression each year when off my...
  7. R


    Hi, I post on here now and again so some of you will recognise the username... Over the past 12 months my depression has firmly cemented itself. No longer does it come and go but appears to remain with me day in, day out. My energy from my younger years has completely gone and it's taken my...
  8. C

    Dialectical Behavior Therapy

    Hi guys hope you are all doing okay I recently came across something called DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and was wondering if anyone here has tried this? It is specifically for people with borderline personality disorder and/or intense emotional issues. You can read more about it here...
  9. R

    New To This

    I have no one to talk to. If anyone is interested please add me. TY for reading
  10. Funnyday

    My dream memory is being tested

    I was awoken yet again by a manufactuered dream transmitted to my brain via an electronic implant. The dream is rather hazey now. The voices are still active. Why won't they just shut the fcuk up! I and nobody else is interested in what they have to say. Why don't they just die a horriable death...
  11. C

    Apathy/ Everything feels meaningless

    I had a Psychotic episode about 6 months ago and instantly lost interest in everything. My life now feels like I have no purpose and I wake up late and lay around because it feels like I have nothing to do, not interested in being on the computer browsing Youtube anymore, being on Facebook...
  12. B

    I'm just interested...

    Do you believe in God?
  13. P

    Going to do a course soon- yay! ^_^

    Im so happy that im going to be home schooled very soon. I love learning and studying. If you guys are interested in doing some courses at home go to openstudycollege. Im going to do health and social care level 3. :3
  14. B

    Psychosis - medications

    Hi,so i am interested in what meds are the best for psychosis,i take Haloperidol (Haldol) and Clozapine and i still get delusions.so i'm interested at what meds are the best for curing delusions.i am diagnosed with organic psychosis btw
  15. L

    My boyfriend

    My boyfriend of a year broke up with me two days ago. I've been taking it hard for at least a day and a half. Crying my eyes out in public places and at home. The past few weeks have been very rough for him since I'm at a very low point right now. I didn't want to kiss him, everything he said...
  16. M

    Conflicted on how proceed with an interest. Need advice.

    I have generalized anxiety disorder which at time conflicts with all aspects of my life...including dating. I have dating anxiety wicked to the point where now I over analyze in beginning of dating or even talking. I'm conflicted with texting him and communicating. I have anxiety when I do put...
  17. A

    Depressed over breakup

    My gf was interested in a coworker and went to dinner and a movie with him while we were still together and living together. She was lying to me saying she was going to visit her sister. She started acting differently. Sleeping on the sofa, texting under the table, wearing makeup etc... So I...
  18. Kerome

    Magic and Mystery in Tibet - Alexandra David-Neel

    For those of you interested in far journeys, the book Magic and Mystery in Tibet is the story of its author Alexandra David-Neel who was the first western woman to enter Tibet in the 1920's and 1930's. She was interested in the Buddhist traditions and also got very involved with the magical Bon...
  19. L

    Has anyone else been called sick when not?

    I would be interested in knowing this.
  20. Drooo

    What medication do you take?

    What is your diagnosis and what medication do you take? Do you even take medication? What are your opinions about what you take? What are your experiences with medications; what has worked, what hasn't? I'm particularly interested to hear from anyone that has tried mood stabilizers.