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  1. T

    Finally made it Here !!

    Hi to all Im gonna keep this short..so forgive me(nervous) My name is Ross,50 years old and i have Suffered from Anxiety,Depression and Agrophobia for nearly 5 years,since my mother passed away. Im currently having issues with Benefits and found this Wonderful Forum,so im looking...
  2. F

    Socialisation deficit

    About a decade ago while attending the mental health day centre I did a swimming group which took place at the local swimming pool. I think it was for exercise and some interaction. I didn't interact. I spent the time seeing how many lengths I could do. The other people might as well have not...
  3. S

    Curious question

    Do you talk to your voices? If so, outloud or in your head or is it contextual? I am wondering what other people are doing when they interact with them.
  4. C

    Like minded people

    So go figure my voices and hallucinations are back. I was wondering if anyone could share their schizophrenic story. Like what you hear, what you see and how they interact. Also do u talk to your voices or interact with any of your hallucinations?
  5. J

    Powerless and scared

    I have no one I can trust and talk to. I am completely alone, feel like a criminal/victim, and keep going to places that seem safe but actually aren't. I get the idea that its ok to go to a park where college students read, relax, do hula hoops, etc., however when I go to said park people...
  6. Tired Daisy

    I guess I'm making a bad impression on everybody Could somebody cha with me

    I guess I'm making a bad impression on everybody Could somebody cha with me I'm so lonely I'm sick of it I just wanna chat to somebody, Please feel free to inbox me or follow my posts I would put my phone number on here to just for some company but I guess that might violate the rules of this...
  7. ghost on ice

    bad dreams, sleep talking, nightmares

    It feels like nearly every facet of my life is oozing with fear, and that likes to also trickle into my unconscious thought. I have a bad dream every single night. I am never able to lucid dream and control the dream fully, rather I'm able to walk about and talk and interact with my dream...
  8. B

    I'm going to be jailed if this doesn't stop getting this bad.

    The police aren't watching me or anything, but my anger gets so terrible sometimes that it takes every little bit of willpower that's left in me when I black out in anger to keep from physically assaulting my own family. Specifically, my mother. I've posted about this before, but I'll say it...
  9. O

    Worst symptom ever? Or just catastrophizing

    Friends, let me try to explain what I'm feeling... So, my disordered Mind stated that the face of a jerk guy that I know, is a ~Bad Face~... I mean... thinking about the face of that jerk, makes me feel bad. Feel anxious. And that was enough to make my mind start to "search" this jerk face into...
  10. L


    What is there, over there? There is nothing. I was born in a bottom of a pit where no light shone. As if pressed together by the darkness. Untouched by everything at all. Born under those dark, dark sediments. I had a white form. My comrades were all in pure black. In those black forms with...
  11. M

    Do I have Avoidant Personality Disorder?

    Hi All! This is a weird one now. I haven't got a fear of people, I haven't been neglected or rejected as such in real life, but for some reason I am very anti-social and never socialise. By socialise, I mean parties, clubs, pubs and social events of that nature. I don't have a problem going...
  12. C

    I am a burden

    I feel like I am nothing more than a weight that my friends and family have to carry around with them. I am emotionally exhausting to everyone I interact with and I try to give back but my friends avoid talking about their problems with me because I have so many of my own. I just feel like...
  13. I

    Painful Very Painful

    It feels almost painful to interact with people because I feel like I'm not there. Not as if I am ignored but like I'm so detatched and I don't get it. Other people know themselves but not me.
  14. D

    Hello To All

    Good evening, new here and looking for advice and support. Suffering from bipolar 1 disorder, anxiety, and OCD. I have been wanting to introduce myself since I joined over two weeks ago but have just been really busy with daily errands and especially preparing myself to go back to school...
  15. E

    The Blasphemer

    I have a voice that I have been calling the Blasphemer. There are two words that trigger him and the are words that I hold sacred. He is the most challenging voice I have currently. I believe that voices are trying to express a personal need and that ignoring them only makes them worse. With the...
  16. confusedwanderwaffle

    Hi I am new

    Hi there, i am new to this sort of thing and hopefully i can interact with you other guys here and discuss stuff
  17. E

    How to Talk to Voices

    This is the process I have followed that has taken me from an abusive situation with voices to one that is supportive. 1. Search - look for voices that have the most potential to talk with. Your natural reaction will be to ignore the hostile voices and look for the least hostile. In my opinion...
  18. Gajolene

    How Introverts Interact With The World Differently Than Extroverts

    Found this article interesting, thought I'd share being an introvert myself. How Introverts Interact With The World Differently Than Extroverts | The Mind Unleashed:peace:
  19. A

    Children with anxiety

    My son seem very normal around my family and I. He always seemed shy around strangers. When he started school the teacher contacted me about his shyness. He has started biting his finger nails u till the nail looks very bad, self harming and chewing holes in his clothing. He can't interact with...
  20. F

    So very real.

    When reading the forum I notice some voice hearers interact with their voices. This is something I've never been able to do. They don't talk back to me or answer my questions. It's a one way thing. they are part of reality.