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  1. C

    need to eat a balanced meal

    I am new to this forum and need help. After years of binge eating I feel I have finally overcome the urge to binge. I have had an increase in panic attacks but I have found the strength somehow to ride wave, difficult as it is. For a month now I have not binged on junk food and have managed...
  2. SoggySlippers

    Faking DID?

    I have done a lot of reading,have browsed many forums(not talking about this place though) and it is hard for me to believe there are truly as many people with DID that claim they have it. Something I have noticed is the vast amount of people that make it seem/sound like DID is a fun or cool...
  3. S

    Is anyone awake? Please talk

    If your awake and you want to talk....so am i. I have no intention of going to sleep.
  4. amathus

    What pushes your button?

    Someone comes along and does or says something, and you react iimpulsively. Maybe you get angry and snap at them. Or your feelings are hurt, even though whatever they said or did wasn't that bad. You may even find yourself agreeing to something you had no intention of agreeing to...
  5. C

    Should I tell my mum?

    I'm 19 and have suffered from depression and anxiety for about 5 years now and have recently become very paranoid and manic. Last night I bought a bottle of wine (I don't normally drink) with the intention of going back to my room and drinking it with medication to overdose. My mum expressed...
  6. Caitjinoy


    I won't be too specific but I was bored so I was mildly self harming on my leg a bit. Not even enough to hurt or even make a mark (wasn't my intention this time) but push come to shove, now I have tiny marks all over my leg. Complete accident but it doesn't look that way... I try to keep my...
  7. Q

    I’d like to say sorry x

    I’m feeling a bit bad about how I behaved last night. There are certain people on here who I am very fond of (you know who you are). Many of you have been struggling and have come close to ending it; I responded badly to this by getting upset and what’s worse letting you know I was upset. I...
  8. M


    Hi everyone, I wrote my poem below when I was getting better and in therapy with a DBT Practitioner, and before I re-lapsed, in every way. Hopefully once you've read it you may find some solace in the words and it's sentiments like my re-newed hope for myself? DREAMS CAN COME TRUE One day I...
  9. C

    There's Nothing Selfish About Suicide

    There's Nothing Selfish About Suicide | Katie Hurley I am a survivor of suicide. I don't talk about it a lot these days, as I've reached the point where it feels like a lifetime ago. Healing was a long and grief-stricken process. There were times when I felt very alone in my grief and there...
  10. T

    Not sure what to do now

    Asked to self discharge as CMHT can't offer me what I need and aren't providing me with support only from duty who know virtually nothing about me (or pretend not to) Anyway was told that discharge not happening and they want me to continue to see them! Why I am not sure as I only see a pdoc...
  11. formerlymadjon

    Im being trained to be normal

    My friends and family have been slowely converting me to a normal member of society, i never have nor ever will be one of those. I do not wish to be a pet, the human race has domesticated itself, through, laws and promice of a better life. My family have been training me to follow these rules...
  12. tricky32

    things just get worse

    So it seems my wife isn't doing as well as I made out in my last post :unsure: Whilst in hospital a nurse found her with something wrapped around her neck. I dont know what it was, nor do I know what her true intention was, but it was enough to put her back on 15 min obs. I seriously don't know...
  13. B

    Am I a stalker?!!!

    Hi there, I've rambled on here several times recently about a friendship that had fallen apart. I'm still really sad about it now but the things my former friend said in his last communication have really, really worried me ... I was severely depressed when our friendship came to an end and I...