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  1. Funnyday

    Travel insurance

    I'm due to jet off in June with my Son and Brother on holiday to Tenerife. I'm searching for travel insurance and the cheapest for the week away is the Co Op at £378 for the three of us. Can you suggest someone that is better value?
  2. B

    Feeling really overwhelmed right now

    I don't know how in the real world anyone does it! You got all those responsibilities in the world and people are still happy and enjoying their lives. I find it hard to do that when you're so overwhelmed and it's like you're falling apart. I don't understand how some people can stay in...
  3. K

    Shipwrecked and paralyzed

    I was relieved to find my way back here after all the medical wrong turns. I was happy to see many of the same people here and hope everyone is making progress or just holding on. Some days hanging on is the best I can do. I had major trouble finding a doctor that I could talk to. It turned...
  4. S

    Contents insurance cover for serious mental illness, any advice please

    looking for a cheap insurance to cover my flat, as I had no insurance last year and it was broken into, last year. I have found one, but its over 155.00, and its sixty days, may cover 4months if I told them at the start of it, if I was to fall ill, or go on holiday. but over that, I don't...
  5. C

    Car insurance

    I'm thinking of getting a car and wondering if the car insurance will be sky high due to a diagnosis of psychosis/schizophrenia. I don't think I'll have any problems with the DVLA because I've been completely symptom free for 4 years...however, just worried I won't be able to afford the...
  6. O

    Really bad teeth anxiety

    Hi, I'm 22, and I have really bad anxiety about my teeth. I worry that my gums are receding, and that one day soon my teeth will fall out, and there will be nothing I can do to fix it. I have crappy dental insurance right now, and I might be able to afford better in a few months, but also maybe...
  7. SoftRain

    Does anyone take Latuda?

    I started with med probably 3 1/2 months ago. It’s been very effective. I have a coupon for a year with my co pay on my insurance capped at a reasonable price. If it wasn’t for that I couldn’t afford it. Anyone else on it and found it effective?
  8. H

    Did a stupid thing

    I lost it yesterday and listened to my urges to hurt myself. And now there’s no way my husband won’t see and know. I don’t know what to do or what to say. I don’t want him to know how badly I’m doing right now. I don’t want to go back to my counselor because I don’t like her and I have shitty...
  9. S

    Have to be brave..

    My husband never was the type to watch his diet and exercise regimen regularly. I've always made suggestions, or would tell him how important it was in the long run to keep an eye on his weight, eating habits, etc. But, you know how some folks are.. You just can't tell them much until the...
  10. P

    so pissed off about car insurance and unemployed

    sorry for the offensive headline but I am absolutely livid did 3 different qoutes today for car insurance.. 8 year no claims sensible driver etc. all qoutes the exact same apart from 1. mature student living at home.. ( which i was before mental health took its toll) £328.00 2.. unemployed...
  11. V

    Life insurance with 2 suicide attempts

    Hi. Wondering if anyone has been able to secure life insurance with 2 suicide attempts please? If so, which company? I'm struggling to secure any. Thank you!
  12. S

    I think I'm going to take my own life soon and it scares me.

    The other day we went to the city and I got the bad news that I won't be getting health insurance. I just felt even more numb after that and I walked around the streets like a zombie. Probably the medication that's causing me to feel numb. But I feel like fading away. I think I'm going to take...
  13. S

    They don't want to give me health insurance.

    So I've moved back to Germany (I'm actually from here. Born and mostly raised.) And they said they won't be able to give me health insurance because I'm not studying or working. I had health insurance in the US because my father used to work in the military. So everything was controlled by the...
  14. S

    Life Insurance?

    Has anyone found it hard to get life insurance because of your BPD? I have tried a load of places but they refuse to insure me. It is getting on my nerves now. It all goes well until they ask about the mental health bit. I have been trying all morning for a quote and everywhere is the same "they...
  15. L

    Private Insurance Help

    Hi All, I'm pleased that I've found a forum like this as I need help with a few things. First at all I'm trying to help my partner who suffers of depression, she's taking medication but the NHS wouldn't offer her the help that she needs. I'm looking a way that she can get the help that she...
  16. SunnyDaze

    Another New Person Here

    Hi there. I was intensive therapy for about 5 years for PTSD and dissociation,which I found very helpful.I stopped therapy about 2 years ago and have managed pretty well since then,up until now.Due to many stressors in my life I have been having some rough times since the beginning of this...
  17. A

    Not sure how to feel lately...

    This year hasn't been so great to me, I have been dealing with quite a bit. I might sound like I'm whining and for that I am sorry... Late last year, my aunt died, kind of out of the blue, I mean she was sick and older but she died because she was getting out of bed late at night and she...
  18. A

    I just want help

    I was diagnosed last year. For the most part I was able to stay stable with the help of my meds. I made one attempt at counseling and stopped going because in all honesty I didn't like the way my counslor looked at me. I live in a small town with very little mental health resources, the other...
  19. Beergardenweather

    Wine + BPD + credit card =

    Bridget Jones boxset Hotel room to go to a party for someone I barely know Some cancer cover insurance And a rather expensive Mediterranean cruise for 2 Meh! Got work In the mornin too
  20. R

    the autumn statement what does it mean for us

    i'm just curious what the autumn statement will mean for me, the bbc and media disabled don't work for them, we don;t really exist, looked at the guardian, people like me aren't paying guardian readers for the result of goverment changes to be published Social care no increase, just as well i...