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  1. G

    What's the opposite of trauma?

    Closest word I can think of is inspired but that seems a little off.
  2. R

    Becoming Vegan

    I'm not a vegan yet. Very far from it. But I just stopped eating meat since yesterday and I didn't eat any meat today. I guess I'll be a vegetarian first then. I've tried this before, and didn't last very long. But I'm more determined now. I still have products that are tested on animals, but...
  3. cpuusage

    How to Live an Inspired and Peaceful Life

    Lao Tzu’s Four Rules for Living * The Mind Unleashed
  4. valleygirl


    I've been having fun doodling lately, and find it very relaxing. I found a really cool idea on the internet, and even incorporated it into the title page for my Art in ECE Curriculum Resource! In case anyone else is interested, here is the link: Op Art Inspired Line Drawing
  5. myownveryone

    Self-Care Saturday

    Okay guys, I know it's late but I've been inspired. I thought I'd post it now for preperation for next week. I really like this idea and hope it catches on. Self-Care Saturday: The day of the week when you look after you. Let yourself lie in bed all day. Don't let anything rush you. Agree to...
  6. Kerome

    Oliver Sacks dies aged 82

    Oliver Sacks, the eminent neurologist and writer garlanded as the “poet laureate of medicine”, has died at his home in New York City. He was 82. The cause of death was cancer, Kate Edgar, his longtime personal assistant, told the New York Times, which had published an essay by Sacks in February...
  7. monopod

    Aspergers/autism test

    I've often wondered if I would be diagnosed with Aspergers. I took the following test and got 37, which suggests autism is likely. It seems to me that a lot of the questions would get positive responses from someone with social anxiety though. I'd be interested to see how other people score...
  8. FreeMyMind

    What depression feels like physically

    Have you ever has those days, or weeks where you have a terrible feeling in your stomach, going right up to your heart? So much so that you cannot eat? Cannot talk to anyone because all you do is cry? So you lock yourself away with bad thoughts running through your mind? What caused you to...
  9. E

    1 k a day in june

    I was inspired to do this from a girl iv started watching on youtube. I am going to be walking 1 km a day in june. I will be logging my walk on mapmywalk app my username is misssarah89 if anyone wants to add me or join me. Encouragement is welcome