1. EmptyIInside

    The BPD Music Thread

    I really enjoy music and often relate many lyrics and songs to my illness. These songs make me feel less alone and I find they can sing the words I can’t speak. Since my diagnosis in May I have found loads of songs I relate to BPD. I have a spotify playlist with 139 current followers, if you’d...
  2. naominash

    Sometimes... I miss my visions and other symptoms

    Sometimes, disregarding the stress they put on my family, I really miss my epic visions. They gave life so much meaning. Too much meaning, of course, but when they stopped it took a while for me to find wonder and meaning again. Plus at times I would feel a surge of confidence like I was the...
  3. D

    When everything falls apart

    Hey, I'm new to the forum.. For the past 8 months I've been in and out of depression. It's letting go of attachment I find to be very challenging,stressful as I let myself feel too responsible for suffering I see around the people I love for example or a business I've worked on...whatever it...
  4. obedebo

    Tell Your Stories ?

    share your stories here, for giving we suffer with schizophrenia, and doing self help..and also others becoming mentally health...
  5. M

    How I see a depressed life

    Depression gives our lives nothing but a dark, hopeless, and "dead" tone. For that very reason, you cannot have any good meaning, love, joy, happiness, and inspiration in your life while you are depressed since those terms just mentioned all have a light, cheerful, vibrant, vigorous, and...
  6. maybe.shes.a.wildflower

    i liked it and thought I'd share :)

    Just a little inspiration, I hope.
  7. T

    Hi All....

    Hello I'm a mum of a 30 year old daughter who has severe severe bipolar and psychosis. She has 2 beautiful children aged 9 &6. I'm looking for inspiration and support from parents/carers.
  8. shaky


    I recited at a poetry event last night Now I feel like rhyming all the time I think I might be a little bit manic Full of beans, happy, feeling magic I've had some inspiration for my shows A new perspective and a little less prose I cannot seem to finish this crazy post Without making the...
  9. C

    To this day ...

    This poem means a lot to me and I felt selfish not sharing it, I hope others can find some comfort and inspiration in these words.
  10. T

    Inspiration needed

    Thank god for Pinterest. I've got to make a car theme birthday cake for Saturday. I don't even know where to start. I haven't taken any money yet in case it's total crap. I've no energy, no motivation (except not wanting to let people down), no confidence. I'm just going to have to start, keep...
  11. jezcoleman


    Just a little quote somebody once said. "the path to the summit of any mountain has many a winding and difficult path".