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  1. J

    I overdosed.

    This has been quite awhile ago, but i still to this day have never felt the same. I think I may have caused brain damage, to what extent i do not know. I don't have money to find out, so I was seeing if there's any nice people that have had insight into this situation.
  2. G

    Waste of Life

    I don’t really do anything these days I barely feel functional. I was struggling to read microwave soup instructions today. I feel like I have kind of shut down, and life is just existing in a state of sleep or chronic distraction. It has all become so empty and I feel pained seeing others...
  3. E

    BPD hot or cold?

    Hey, my boyfriend of 1.5 years has BPD and ADHD (formal diagnosis), we are both in the process of seeking therapy. I just need some advice and insight, because sometimes I can feel quite alone. My partner seems to go through phases of wanting closeness to wanting me gone. But it's not in a...
  4. Z

    'What do you want and how are you making that happen?' when you've exhausted your options.

    'What do you want and how are you making that happen?' when you've exhausted your options. My husband asked me this and says he wants to speak to me about my answer tonight. He thinks I'm not helping myself and I'm causing myself to get worse/not helping myself get better. What do you do when...
  5. Prairie Sky

    Insight into Hypomania?

    Having been depressed for most of my life up to this point, any break in the depression is a reprieve and a breath of fresh air. Yet since my diagnosis of bipolar II these times when my head breaks above the surface have a frightening aspect of their own. How does one tell the difference...
  6. J

    HI everyone!!

    Hello all. I'm new here and I'm here to talk with others that may be in the same boat as I. I don't know much about mental disorders but would like to get insight to help understand what my wife goes through.
  7. ThinkingCat

    Insight Timer

    This is a great app for guided meditations. There are many different types on there including for sleep specifically. There are thousands of audios and it's completely free. I often listen to help me sleep using my sleep headphones (£10 from Amazon). Hope it may be of use to some of you.
  8. M

    Strong mind

    I have recently stopped my antipsychotic medication due to horrific side effects and I am wondering if anyone has been sucessful in controlling the sudden spiralling down into dark pkaces and the ruminating intrusive thoughts with their own mind and a stronger personal insight? I seem to get...
  9. Kerome

    Thich Nhat Hanh article on love and liberation

    I really enjoyed this article, it reminded me of some things that it is useful to contemplate once in a while. Thich Nhat Hanh has a lot of wisdom. Love and Liberation: An interview with Thich Nhat Hanh – Lion's Roar Melvin McLeod: Why is mindfulness the key to happiness? Thich Nhat Hanh...
  10. N

    Can you be stable but still lack insight?

    I truly think I don't have anything wrong with me but my care team are saying I'm the wellest I've been in ages which reinforces my belief, if you lack insight but are well does that mean your not that well really, it it commen
  11. T

    Frustrated with GAD and Depression

    Hello, I'm new to the forum hoping to get some insight and questions answered. Fred
  12. T

    Innate Suppression of Personality and Emtions

    Hello I believe that I subconsciously am suppressing my personality and emotions. It is entirely subconscious and I want to reverse it. I believe this stems from my mom who was very supresive growing up. I think I am stuck like this now and I am trying to reverse it. Does anyone have any...
  13. ~minnie~

    word meaning

    hi just after some advice information if anyone can help please 1. what does i mean that i have the capacity to take medication or not 2. what does it mean that i dont think i need the support from nurse but i am ambivalent about it 3. what does it mean my eye contact was reasonable 4. what...
  14. P

    sectioned under home office

    Hello all, looking for help or information. My nephew has been ill with schizophrenia for the past 9 years, ( he is 24 yrs old with a mental capacity of about 14 yrs old) his mother does not want anything to do with him. His sister and I tried all avenues to get him the help he needed but was...
  15. P

    Letters from psychiatrist...

    past five years the shrink sends out letters to my gp. I receive a copy of these. It's generally summary of the appointments I have. One thing I notice is that she writes about what she calls my symptoms like apathy and avolition, these are something I dont recall or have insight on. What I...
  16. Gajolene

    New Therapy? TMS ? Insight from those who have tried it please.

    Has anyone has this form of therapy and can give people an idea of what to expect in the way of sideeffects afterwards. Posting for a gentleman concerned for his wife and her chances of relapse into psychosis if she goes though with the psychiatrists request to undergo this therapy.
  17. D

    Ocd prevents me from having a healthy relationship. help!

    I'm a 29 year old doc, very much aware of my Ocd issues. It runs in the family and my mother is an extreme germophobe. Since 18 I have jeopardized atleast 5 solid relationships of which one was one month away from marriage. I find it hard to maintain a steady emotional state I will either hate...
  18. N

    insight is a con job

    Having insight is bullshit. I feel worse now than i ever did mid-delusion psychotic-as-fuck. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, and i can be a vindictive little shit. How does anyone survive this??
  19. H

    any one can hel me?

    My marriage was on 2015 Aug 27. I lived happily only 15 days. After that paranoid thoughts and delusions sterts to came. I become extreme anxious when my father talk to my wife.. I'm afraid other people look at my wife..sometime i thought my brother is in love with my lover(i know it's not...
  20. D

    POCD *Huge trigger warning* Please help

    This is going to probably sound really disturbing, and I was afraid of even posting about it. I've been sexually aroused by rape for the past few years. I'm a 21 year old female, and I've never been raped, but have been sexually molested. I found out last night that my 8 year old niece was...