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  1. Misha

    What is it like?

    I'm just wondering what it feels like to hear voices? Is it like hearing a voice outside of your head or inside your head? I only ask because I have my own voice which I'm sure most people have anyway, but then I sometimes have another voice, a more negative voice that is very harsh and I almost...
  2. Ghost89

    i need her

    Im so low... im broken inside and just need her to come back i cant help how i feel but she'll never feel how i feel for her... i want to die because i dont know how long i can live with these feelings, im really hurting, really hurting inside, i want to cry but physically cant i want to be held...
  3. L

    Just had a fit...HELP

    Not professionally diagnosed, but have read every bit of literature available, and fully absorbing in last 6 months the fact I have severe BPD. I say severe as although I am fully functioning to most - me and my partner live (still somehow) in absolute hell. Just flipped out over his new job...
  4. V

    Delusions, or just paranoid?

    If you suffer from depression and believe things that seem preposterous, do they need to be consistent or can they be brief and brought on by stress? I ask because I'm trying to see a doctor soon, and I don't know whether to mention or not that I think a bug is living inside of me. It sounds...
  5. L

    it's getting worse

    I keep having flash backs of really bad things that happen to me. I can't sleep I just want to cry... Then I think of how I could make it all stop, drugs, drinking, self harm, pills, anything. I just want this to stop. Please help I need some one to hold me I hurt inside and I don't want to. I...
  6. A

    BPD and emptiness...

    Sometimes I think the feeling of emptiness is worse than all the anxiety, depression and anger. It's ALWAYS there, no matter how I feel. I spoke to my boyfriend about it today and he said if I can feel these things, how can I be empty? I don't know either, but it's always there, it's like a big...
  7. Ghost89

    Feeling Loveless

    Hi all.. Im new to this so please bare with me.. Im feeling really low and lonely.. whats new you say.. em the feeling is eating at me inside and i just need someone to talk to... I feel i want love again but what can i do? Ghost
  8. Girl Interrupted

    Transient Psychosis :/

    I had a very scary episode the other night where I heard a male voice inside my head telling me I would be better off dead :scared: I was completely alone in the house laid in bed, there was no music nor TV on, it was early hours of morning and I was trying to get off to sleep. I know the...
  9. angiebib1976

    Help!! Should I stop the Meds??!!

    Hi Ive been taking Mirtazapine for just over 3 weeks now. It has done nothing to improve my mood - in fact, over the last couple of days I feel increasingly irritated and have only what can be described as a 'rage' building inside me. I'm also suffering with really bad insomnia, and when I do...