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  1. Screechout

    Not sure what to do anymore

    I've been super low recently to the point I've come very close to attempting to take my own life again. I'm also finding it very hard to deal with what I feel is rejection from others, I have constant fear that everyone is leaving me all the time whether it be the people in the mental health...
  2. J

    i need to feel ok again

    I haven't felt like this in a long time. when my depression spikes there's a temporary period of happiness beforehand, but this time...it felt like a truck. it feels like I've fallen in an abyss. I don't know what to think anymore, i'm so sick of the life i'm in. I'm so sick of doing everything...
  3. Mark_01

    Inside or Outside

    Do your voices come from inside your head, or outside of your head? Mine come from the outside.
  4. M

    Being in love with your voice

    My standard for a relationship is pretty high now when there's a male voice that knows me inside out
  5. H

    Scared of Self

    What is your greatest fear? An average question for most but for some it is a calling to seek deeply inside of self. Is it the dark? Spiders? Fire? Rejection? These are a selection of the most common fears people have. What about yourself? Have you ever felt that YOU are your greatest fear? Not...
  6. S

    Sometimes I wonder...

    Does my inside voice talk without me knowing. Or another one how quiet is my inside voice. Stuff that shouldn't be said.
  7. Funnyday

    No one in my life

    So I drink to excess. I see my son once a week and my brother maybe once a month. Apart from that I'm on my own. So I drink and drink. I feel empty inside and without any chance of new friends. So I drink.
  8. M

    Does anyone else feel like this? Please help

    Does anyone understand how it feels when inside you are screaming for someone to listen but you can literally not open your mouth to explain how much fear and pain you are in? This is me at the moment. I was coping so well with my PTSD triggers and flashbacks but have somehow unravelled into...
  9. L

    I hurt

    I'm hurting. Person asked me my name on dating site. They told me they knew who I was and they disappeared. I was told by people I'm ugly. Some people say I'm a 7 or 8 in looks. But it seems like I'm much less. Like 2. I'm not very smart either. I been always kinda an outcast. My inside hurts...
  10. Bpdproblems__

    How do you deal with feeling numb and unstable inside?

    I hope everyone is having a lovely day so far! 😊 For as long as I can remember, I have days where I feel completely numb and dissociate away from my feelings - however I then feel really unstable inside, as if something is wrong but I don’t know what. Some days it gets that bad that my anxiety...
  11. B


    I keep having the urge to kill someone. Nobody specific, no plan on how, nothing in any detail. It is almost like the thought of doing it just sits in my mind. I have never been a violent person, and the fact I am having these thoughts is hurting me. I don't think anyone takes me seriously...
  12. Fairy Lucretia

    i feel sad

    and soon i will be without a CPN and i can't stress my aunt out so i will just have to keep it all locked inside and hurt myself :low:
  13. S

    more info about voices and "weird unexplainable stuff"...

    I created a page on f...book with the title 'Targeted individuals and psychotronics'. If someone wants to join it's there. If someone is interested in creating something out of f...book - so it's available to everyone without registering there, let me know. One of such post is here; how one...
  14. T

    did anyone ruin theur life on purpose because you wanted to die, and then regret everything when you come out of depression?

    did anyone ruin theur life on purpose because you wanted to die, and then regret everything when you come out of depression? its killing me i feel worse now, ive wasted so many years ive ruined my friendships my potential all my chances because i didnt care, i hated myself,i was dead inside. i...
  15. SomersetScorpio

    Feel like an embarrassment

    Has anybody got any tips or advice for that little voice inside that insists that you're an embarrassment? :low: I was very socially anxious as a teenager - couldn't hold eye contact, constant shaking and adrenaline whenever I spoke to anybody, blushing to the point of making my eyes water etc...
  16. H

    Feeling of someone or something else living inside me

    Hi everyone! I'm 21 female and brand new to this forum! I'm medicated on Antipsychotics for my BPD, an off-label prescription of a drug only recently being trialled for BPD. I missed one of them yesterday and had a really bad night and something occurred to me. When I first started taking the...
  17. D

    Rather severe loneliness

    Hello everyone. I have a severe, permanent migraines and another very obscure, rare headache conditions called SUNCT headaches. I'm constantly extreme pain, unable to get out much and mostly imprisoned at home. I'm getting through, finding distractions and eating the time away until I see a...
  18. I

    Hello everyone ....

    Hi, So after months of avoiding posting on this forum. I have decided to take a plunge in ice cold water it seems and just post this darn thing. Never really felt like anybody has ever been there for me. Knowing I can’t take anymore emotion inside my head isn’t helping either it’s tough, as...
  19. S

    I just want to be happy

    I don't want to care about my appearance or what people think of me. I don't want to feel trapped, both on the inside and out. I want to live somewhere beautiful where I can grow as a person and especially as an artist. I want to be surrounded by animals and those I love, warmth and happiness...
  20. S

    weird experience

    hello friends, I am new on here. I am in my early twenties btw. I wanted to ask about some experiences that I have been having for about the last 6 months. First I began having nightmares that would seem to loop over and over, then I would awaken screaming or in sleep paralysis. Then I also had...