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  1. R

    need help plzz....

    My husband feels that people around him are trying to harm him. He feels his calls are traced and someone moniter his all avtivities. He says that he is having thoughts like a am cheating him.all this happening from last 5 days. He was a very calm and positive person. Byt from last few monthshe...
  2. N

    Mental Health, Illness, and Depression

    I have issues with chronic depression. It doesn't help that two of my friends committed suicide, one friend is dealing with Dissociative Identity Disorder complications, and another is on the verge of suicide due to Bipolar Disorder. I feel like I'm the only normal one around, and yet I'm not...
  3. bert tomato

    Not interested in a 'relationship'

    It seems to be a national obsession. Have a relationship and the world will be pretty and fluffy. TBH women have not done much for me in my adult life, they have caused me a lot of stress and generally have wasted my time. So really only primal urges get me going. The general insecurity over...
  4. L

    Talking about mental health in a new relationship

    Hi there, I have been in a new relationship for nearly three months. I am very attracted to my new boyfriend, he is very sweet and things on the whole are generally going well. However, I am prone to anxiety/depression. From time to time, I find myself worrying about the relationship, over...