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  1. M

    Old Demons Resurfacing

    It's been a while, last posted around 6 years ago. Some old demons have resurfaced due to some life changes and unexpected obstacles, and it's really ramped up the anxiety. Up until the last year, it was more my depression that was the problem. Had a few years of doing ok, not necessarily fully...
  2. J

    How to help a friend with severe depression and insecurities

    Hello everyone, I have a very close friend who has had to deal with depression for many years. She has attempted to take her life in the past and is currently displaying some behaviors similar to that time although I don't think it's likely she will. However, it does indicate she's in a bad...
  3. T

    Husband obsessing over my past sexual experiences

    I have been with my husband for 10 years, married for 8. we have two children together. Two years, almost three years ago I found out about an affair he was having. That affair also let me be aware that he had also kissed someone else in our marriage. So two women hes been physical with rhst...
  4. B

    What a traumatic year

    I'm new here. So far this year my marriage of 19 years almost fell apart, I had to reconsider my career and not only change jobs but change sectors completely for my mental health. My moodiness got so bad I considered suicide for a short time. I wake up every day feeling inadequate. I feel like...
  5. T

    GAD, Insecurities and Dating!!

    Hi everyone! I wanted to share my recent disaster. Just need to vent to faceless strangers, if you know what I mean. I recently dated someone briefly who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. I also have suffered from severe social anxiety, but after many years of hard...
  6. 9

    Long distance relationship

    First of all thank you for taking the time to read this, not sure how to start I’ve been experiencing depressive episodes since several years now. At times I feel better but then when things don’t go well I feel overwhelmed and I just break down, it’s like all is intensified. I have low self...
  7. R

    Depressed from birth....at 49...found out how to beat it finally. It is curable...but it is do it yourself...not with much help!

    Depressed from birth....at 49...found out how to beat it finally. It is curable...but it is do it yourself...not with much help! I opened my eyes in this world and the first thing I saw was hatred. It was like a punch from a very strong individual. When you are born you are tiny and unable...
  8. J


    Hi, I have recently split with my girlfriend of 2 years of which I have been dumped (I have never been dumped before), it's been 3 weeks and I'm trying my best to get over her, I have good days and bad days today being one of the bad, I keep getting really deep thoughts of insecurity, a little...
  9. L

    Pushing people away because of insecurities

    Recently, I've noticed a pattern that I go through when I meet new people. Usually, when I spend a lot of time with someone, especially someone similar to me, if they are better than me in something that is important to me or closely tied to my fragile self esteem (singing, archery, etc.), I...
  10. G

    This is Making Me a Monster

    I have become a controlling, obsessive, demanding, paranoid girlfriend and anxiety and insecurity are tearing me apart and ruining one of the best things in my life. I question everything. Every. Single. Thing. Every time he even looks at his phone, I have a panic attack, my anxiety has...
  11. outoforder

    How does it feel, to feel secure and safe?

    Anyone also feel brittle/fragile all the time? I feel so easy to break- all the time. A simple insult from someone, a simple change in life. Chaos. I am working with a company which hires ppl from the whole world. They move here to work. I really cannot understand how then can just leave their...
  12. N

    Lower than ever

    I'm feeling extremely low right now. Or depressed, I guess. Today actually started out okay, but turned out just like the others. I'm always quiet and alone at school because of my insecurity. I try to maintain a facade, but I think it shows. Sure, I get spikes of confidence now and then, but...
  13. S


    In this age of luxury and inequality freedom and liberty political correctness all eyes can see slavery and indignity. deliberate insecurity political initiative party directive final outcome ineffective.
  14. amathus

    Is shyness and insecurity a problem for you?

    Is shyness and insecurity a problem for you? •Are you afraid of looking stupid in social situations? •Do you worry a lot about what others think of you? •Do you frequently avoid social situations or cancel at the last minute? •Do other people seem to have a lot more fun than you do in social...
  15. S

    Realising I'm wrong / how to change

    Hi everyone. I would love to make it short but I'm afraid I can't. I've been suffering from inferiority issues for many years and it's destroying my relationships. Was a happy child even though I grew up in a poor family, my childhood was amazing. Up until I turned 11, when my parents decided...
  16. N

    Beginning depression?

    I'm worried that I might be on the verge of some sort of depression, and I need to let out my feelings and maybe have someone listen to me. So here goes: More and more I feel incredibly low and demotivated, unable to do anything I like doing or that requires an effort. And I've found myself...
  17. S

    Dealing with separation

    Hi I'm new here :) What I would like to know is how people deal with separation anxiety when their SO has to leave for work, etc. My bf and I have been together 2 years and I've just given birth to our son. It's been a roller-coaster relationship, in the beginning I found texts suggesting he...
  18. E

    How to deal with Critical Voices

    http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread107262.html Deaing with critical voices is much like dealing with critical people you can apply the same principles to voices. Some points I got from the article: 1. Do not become defensive [can perpetuate a cycle of argumentation] 2. Criticisms...
  19. E

    Less and more serious

    All my tasks whether important or not cause me to feel insecure when not completing them. So sometime I have strong urge to complete unimportant task when there are more important task to do. How to overcome this urge and insecurity so that I can focus on more important task? Thanks.
  20. L

    insecurity and voluntering

    So tomorrow i am not only meeting up wit my theapist but also meeting up with a lady who will be helping me get back into volunteer work i am soooo anxious all the usual stuff keeps running through my head shell think im weird i cant look people in the eye i wont be able to manage tyhe work she...