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  1. E

    How many ppl taking/going back on Wellbutrin?

    Please comment, I really need to hear others' input about this. Thanks!:panic:
  2. D


    So I'm curious if anyone on here who may have schizophrenia or a family member has schizophrenia, is there a drug that you feel helped you? I am taking my 35 year old daughter to Dr and want to find something to help her. I've been researching meds but there are so many I thought I would ask...

    Integrated Voices: Can you help us create a resource for voice-hearers and those who support them?

    Integrated Voices: Can you help us create a resource for voice-hearers and those who support them? Integrated Voices: Can you help us create a web resource for voice-hearers and those who support them? They are looking for input to create a new Hearing Voices website.
  4. C


    I am going through some disgusting delusions right now. I would appreciate if you could please check out my blog and give me your input. Feel free to comment anything on my site and share it. I need input from others to determine what I am going through and shed some light on my issues. My link...
  5. D


    Alright , so I'm not really sure where to begin here. I've got a friend , he's gay. We reconnected about 1.5 years ago.So about a year ago a had a bit of a meltdown. But after recovering some things became clear. Dude is obsessed. He takes everything I say or done and throws it in my face later...
  6. C

    Can't sleep any input appreciated

    I cant sleep im so tired but cant switch off. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  7. letmein

    need human input.

    hello folks, I just wnat a bit of a moan thanks... I don't get good human input for me, I'm not saying my family and few friends are bad just for me I lack the input I need. I'd built up what I thought was an OK relationship online with this woman but she's gone funny on me since we started...
  8. M

    OCD medicine???

    Can anybody lend me some help on changing my meds? I know there are a lot of antidepressants out there that help with OCD but it seems like they are all the same when reading about them? I've been on Cloripramine for about 2 months and and makes me verrrrrryyyyy groggy the next day.. Looking for...
  9. Falling Sky

    Mind groups and workshops

    Has anyone ever been?? My family want me to start going and have booked me a meet and greet with them on tuesday. I am crazy and contact with people does make it worse, but I am a bit worried that they wont be like you lot and I will be weaving baskets with.... Any input people?? thanks xxxx
  10. M

    not sure if bipolar or..... something else...

    Greetings all! first time post, only just found this community, so excuse me if I don't know the culture right away. I'd really love some help defining exactly what I'm going through at the moment, if anyone would like to help that is. right, on to the meat! A few years ago I was diagnosed...
  11. M

    dealing with vulnerability

    I find myself to be far too vulnerable to persuasion when someone else takes an approach that works on me. It's like I have weaknesses that can be exploited by people who don't always have good intentions. Does anyone have input on how to deal with that?
  12. mrlaurel

    question for you guys - post vacectomy OUCH!

    just a quick question and if no one wants to answer thats cool..... but how did you feel once you got the " none seen" result? odd question I know but I'd like some input if you are brave enough :)
  13. chellbell


    Hey everyone!! I got prescribed a new anti depressant today, Cipralex ! I have never heard of it before and I was wondering what it was like and if it has any adverse effects etc?? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Xxx
  14. jamie1973


    HI all ! I recently applied for DLA (about 13 weeks ago) on the advice of my CPN, I have never bothered before as we were financialy ok but I have not been able to work for the past 13 months so now all the money is gone. I would appreciate any input in regards the other peoples claims and how...
  15. K

    can any help with this?

    I dont know if i will be out of line on the rules but i just really need some input. I am a very anxious person and i have a very short fuse. The smallest things annoy me and i am very easily irritated. The problem is whenever i get irritated my anger level goes from 0 to 10 instantly and i...
  16. S


    Anyone out there on this medication? I just got it prescribed today i start it tomoro... I have heard alot of good things about it so far. What are the downsides? If there are any ha ha. Any input is better than nothing Thanks guys and gals!
  17. anxietyqueen

    Input please!!

    There's something I need to do in order to move on from something, but I'm not sure it's right so any input would be great. My birth dad was murdered by his best friend. He was arrested and went on trail and all but was released :( even tho he'd admitted it, it was really such a fuck up. I...
  18. S

    You might want to read the truth about these drugs

    Dear Mental Health Nurse, It is with the deepest concern I write this letter today. I wish to bring to your attention the grave abuses that are going on in our mental health system. The use of antipsychotic drugs must be halted with immediate effect, as nobody within the system has any insight...
  19. amathus

    STRESS: a Chemical Input?

    When do you think there should be a chemical input to ease symptoms of stress? How could you change you're lifestyle to avoid this? meteos.
  20. soultrader

    Hoping for help!

    Hi everyone, I have registered as I realize a good friend has persecutory delusions and I am looking for a way to get help for him...I am going to have a good look in past threads to see if there is any help or advice, in the meantime I would welcome any input as I am at a loss. TY