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  1. Kerome

    Basal Exposure Therapy in Norway

    I came across this this morning and I found it very interesting because it’s a treatment where they take you off medications if you want to come off and they teach you to come to terms with your base existential fears. It takes about six months as an inpatient at an inpatient ward for psychotic...
  2. N

    Psychiatric ward?

    Have been suffering from severe depression for over a year as well as chronic moderate depression. Suicidal thoughts on a daily basis. Have tried various treatments including therapy, self help and antidepressants. Was wondering if anyone has had any experiences of inpatient care at a hospital...
  3. S

    Advice on how to help a friend?

    So I have a friend who I have only known for about two months, but we both already know just about everything about each other. We met after we both posted on tumblr about having to vent to someone, and we immediately clicked right off the bat after talking things out. I've never felt closer to...
  4. MissesGange

    It is so dark.

    And I can't see the light. I almost ended it yesterday. Never was peacful with tge idea of death before. Had my sons picture on my cell. We will lose our apartment if I go inpatient right now. Im the only one working til hubby starts in Jan. My hallucinations are the same. Therapist says its...
  5. W

    Anyone been on section?

    Just a general question so people can share experiences as I myself am on section 2.
  6. W

    Brookside Adolescent Unit

    Hey guys I wondering if anyone has been to Brookside unit (UK) since Im being admitted there and Im curious to what it's like. Thanks! :)
  7. W

    Difference between being informal and sectioned inpatient

    hi guys I was just wondering the difference between being an informal and sectioned inpatient? I have been an informal inpatient before but now I'm being sectioned. Is there any difference in the way you are treated? Thanks :)
  8. 1

    Inpatient facilities in Atlanta for Medicaid patient

    Hey All. I found this board through a Google search. I am in immediate need of leads for a relative. I'm looking for a safe inpatient facility for a relative who struggles with depression, schizophrenia and substance abuse. In the past his mom has called 911 when she cannot handle him anymore...
  9. NicoretteGummed

    Why Do You Think It Is That Shrinks Keep a minority of Patients on a life support machine yet let the rest of us rot and or//die???

    Why Do You Think It Is That Shrinks Keep a minority of Patients on a life support machine yet let the rest of us rot and or//die??? I think the answer to this one's simple. Its an opinion that I feel reflects the shortcomings of shrinks as people. We are all like toys to them and if we bore...
  10. D

    recommendations made by team

    i just discharged from inpatient to outpatient. the hospital I'm at has a further step down program. something like an independent living house. while inpatient, i refused to take any sort of medication. it wasn't until about a month ago that the doctor started me on lexapro. i hated it. it...
  11. J

    Is Anyone Else In Bed All Day with Severe Depression?

    Hi - I have been like this for months and my GP is trying to get me into Hospital but it doesn't seem to be Happening. He is arranging a Consultant Psych to see me at home and GP with him. Is that when i'll end up an Inpatient? So grateful for replies as I'm anxious. I hardly eat or drink...
  12. NicoretteGummed

    Inpatient Options For People Diagnosed As Having PD

    http://http://www.wlmht.nhs.uk/ Link not working-sorry. The Cassel Hospital in Ham, Richmond,Surrey
  13. B

    Downward Spiral - Trigger Warning

    Lately my ED has become a problem again. Been restricting and everything I do eat I been wanting to purge. It's as if I can't allow myself to eat. If I do, I failed. It's as though food is forbidden to even eat anything. I'm so tired of fighting this. It as though everything with this is...
  14. Not_Crazy_Yet


    I really NEED a drink. I have plenty here. But I decided I needed to slow down before I put the brakes on. This time yesterday I was drinking a morning cup of coffee with bailey's mixed in. I drank yesterday afternoon as well. Stopped drinking around 4pm. It hasn't been 13hrs since my last drink...
  15. S

    Hospital Security Guards

    When are hospital security guards allowed to use force? I am getting disgusted with my city. Security guards pinned me up against a wall and then shoved me to the floor and injected me in the buttocks. They said I did not have the right to leave the hospital. I was not on any form, I was not an...
  16. V

    How Do I Tell My Psychiatrist?

    I think I'm slipping again. There are Days where if I don't have to be anywhere My self care skills are out the window. 2 days at the most. When I don't have Dr appointments, or doing something With my parents. My therapist knows. We just don't know what to tell her bc I've only seen her a...
  17. pepecat

    Commission on acute adult inpatient care - evidence required

    The post below has come to us from another organisation, but it looks like a good chance to put your views across if you'd like to. The RCP have just put out a call for evidence on the status of inpatient psychiatric care in England and alternative options and it is likely this will become an...
  18. V


    Hi everyone. I'm new here. I was recently diagnosed with major depressive disorder, anxiety and signs of PTSD. I've been inpatient twice in the last month and a half. Just looking for support. I'm from the US.
  19. D

    Just Maybe another way ?

    Ok so I am not getting anywhere with my Mental Health Issues, Just 'Maybe' if I leave the CMHT, Stop seeing my Social Worker, Stop My Medication, Stop my Benefits, Hand over the keys to my Housing Association and declare myself Homeless again. :unsure: Just Maybe People will listen to me more...
  20. A.m.b.e.r

    Hit.Rock.Bottom - Anorexia Relapse/Recovery

    Hey all, Gosh I haven't been on the forum for a good good few months & here I am reaching out for some support. Story in short: recovered from anorexia Feb this year re-built my life, new career, big pay break, social scene etc relapsed May this year - lost weight 7 weeks ago I tried to take...