1. Solitude1

    Dunno exactly what is wrong with me.

    Hi. Good day. I've been having problems for 4-5 months now so that life has become difficult and intolerable for me. I have shortness of breath, light-headedness, trembling limbs, confusion, lack of concentration, palpt, weakness, listlessness, memory loss and sometimes feel pain in my body...
  2. msmaries

    Inositol dosage/SAMe for depression

    Does anyone have any advice on dosage for Inositol powder? It seemed to be calming at first but I'm not sure anymore. I have been taking 3g twice a day(I read that in studies up to 18g was used but I hate to think that I'd be wasting so much money taking so much when a lower dose was enough)...
  3. R

    Evidence based use of herbs and food supplements

    I'm wondering if anyone else takes herbal or food supplements to compliment their medication or as an alternative to medication? I've recently started taking herbal and food supplements to try and further improve my condition. I've been researching various herbs and supplements and though...