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  1. T

    My brain no more normal because of several psychiatric injections

    I have been a psychiatric patient for years.after a few years of taking injections It has affected my brain I can't read and assimilate I don't have pleasure from sex poor memory.my brain has locked.anyone with advise on what I do so my brain returns to normal.
  2. N

    I still have a lump on my forearm where I had my depot injection

    and it's been over two weeks since having it, If I continue with injections would it be a permanent thing?
  3. calypso

    Seen the pdoc

    Well I saw the pdoc, he was really nice. I am evidently very psychotic, severely depressed and unstable - his words. He has changed me from Quetiapine to Aripiprazole as an anti psychotic which doesn't sedate as much so I can still get out of the house if I need to. I see him again in 2...
  4. V

    Gone, but back in a different way

    Admin - can this be moved to 'experiences' I'm not really happy with it being in this subforum... So for a month or two I reckon I was without voices (Becky and the other three were gone). I do believe they are still 'somewhere', I think I just have a barrier that makes me lose contact with...
  5. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Crossroads: Not sure what to do.

    Have been away a couple of days. Last time I was here I posted about my doctor ordering depot injections for me. I'm concerned about the medicine because on the mfg website they say it can affect your ability to make decisions for yourself and your judgement. Also in the client brochure it says...
  6. J

    Steroid Injections for Scars

    Hey, About a month and a bit ago I got some steroid injections for my scars. A few weeks ago a weird light purple bruised formed around a couple of my scars and now a bruise is forming around another scar. Also, most of them are still red but have weird bumpy white bits under the skin. Has...
  7. M

    Bit confused

    Hi all.Nearly a month ago my cpn left and i have been waiting since then to be allocated a new one.Today i had a call from a cmht social worker who said she would be my new care co ordinator. While talking to her she said she can do all the cpn`s work except give injections which i dont require...
  8. S

    Antipsychotic drugs are really getting me down

    I'm spending my whole time depressed and unable to do anything. I've seen some great ideas for making money but i just don't have the drive to get out of bed in the morning and make things happen. Well I have another 8 months of taking my injections (which will be 2 years total) until the pdoc...
  9. F

    Patients Say Improvement in Positive Symptoms Most Important Benefit of Antipsychotics

    Patients Say Improvement in Positive Symptoms Most Important Benefit of Antipsychotics Individuals who self-identified as having schizophrenia judged improvement in their positive symptoms as the most important treatment benefit associated with antipsychotic medications, while hyperglycemia was...
  10. B

    can not figure why men have destroyed my life i hate them

    I have schizophrenia my great depression has come back i have no money alot of the time no job also banned from driving no girlfriend no good drugs i have no good friends i have the emperor of drug addictions i cant figure why men bully'd from the age 6 i was so scared all the time ran away...
  11. T

    My son is refusing his meds because he can't get an erection. .

    My son was hospitalized for three weeks in Sept. He had stopped taking his meds and spiraled downward. The meds were changed to a monthly injection and daily meds for anxiety,etc. He is desperate to have a wife and kids all of a sudden (at age 52). It is a nightmare to get him to go in for the...
  12. J

    What am I supposed to do?

    At the moment I am being forced to take medication by injection. I am very upset. My life revolves around sleeping 14 hours a day, being sick about 5 times a day and feeling dizzy. I told the psychiatrist the side effects but they won't take me off injections. I can't do anything I want to...
  13. vanish

    schizophrenia medication and mood

    Hi All I am wondering how many out there are on depot injections... I take flupenthixol injection every 2 weeks as part of my medications for schizophrenia. However both I and my psychiatrist have noticed that right before my next injection is due, I experience an intense depression which last...
  14. B

    Can i be forced to take medication as an outpatient

    Hi, I have been in and out of hospital under section 136's and section 3's a few times over the last 7-8 years, but I have only just opened up about my voices in my phycology assessment, I am worried that I may be deemed well a risk. but can they actually force me to take more medication if I...
  15. C

    Feel like I need to be happy to be loved

    I've been feeling depressed on and off for a long time now. I got into a relationship and I felt so happy and he treated me like gold. I recently felt very bad again. I told him I felt depressed and generally ill and that I was going to the doctors, I asked if he'd come for support (as he's...
  16. BillFish

    Don't believe the anti-psychiatry hype :)

    Chatted to my cpn this morning, out of a population of 10,000 in my town, there are only two people that get depot injections, me and some old crazy guy in the local retirement home.:p She said only 46 people in the greater city area receive depot injections, that's out of 700,000 people, and...
  17. catkin

    chemically induced menopause?

    Anyone? Hormone injections to stop ovaries and induce premature menopause? thanks
  18. S

    will they try and hurt me?

    if i go to hospital/ my friend says they will and they spoke of injections. what if i refuse? could ibe sectioned? or would they let me home?
  19. ~minnie~


    is it possible to become immune to your meds after a while? i was on depixol injections for a while and stopped working so they changed it to clopixol injections and the voices stopped within two weeks of starting the clopixol....but after 4 weeks of being on it the voices have come back.....am...
  20. S


    Hi All i'm new here. I have schizoaffective disorder. To cut a long story short the meds im on are haloperidol and (was on) paliperidone injections. I just stopped taking my paliperidone injections. Im really paranoid right now about alot of things i'm too scared to talk about because I just...