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  1. I

    Positivity injection

    There's so much sad stuff on this forum, i wondered if we could turn it round and have an injection of the happy stuff, to remind ourselves that things do get better?? I am on a downer at the moment, BUT i know it won't last and that just as it gets too much for me to cope with, i'll come out...
  2. McMurphy's Ghost

    A violent thunderstorm - bedtime reading

    Cardiazol treatment in British mental hospitals - History of Psychiatry ... hpy.sagepub.com/content/17/1/67.full.pdf In the annals of psychiatric treatment, the advent of Cardiazol therapy has been ... biological antagonism, Cardiazol armed psychiatry with an immediately ... Fear before fitA...
  3. R

    Really concerned

    Heya, I was put on Depixol injection for a period of 7 weeks, I was given 20mg 60mg 100mg and finally 200mg I stopped having the injection because of how restless it was making me, I was jumping up and down, tossing and turning etc Ive been off the injection for 2 1/2 months now, yet im still...
  4. C

    Can they do this?

    I have the choice (informal status) to have my depot tomorrow or they will issue a mental health assessment to section me and give me my injection against my will. But either way I seem to be having it with not really my consent. Can they force me in this way?
  5. ~minnie~

    schizoeffective disorder

    when i was in hospital they diagnosed me with the above....but when i had my fortnightly injection one week my cpn said that i have schizophrenia....whats the different between these two? :unsure:
  6. jax

    It's been a while

    Hi guys, I haven't been online for about 7 weeks. I had sky installed and they kept botching up my Internet date. I wish I never switched over to them. My mental health have been awful. Many of the horrid mixed states - quite a few hypo-manic episodes as well as anxiety and depression. I am...
  7. Gail

    RISPERIDONE by injection

    im on this and its been mentioned to me that i may find it better to go on the injection form of this just wondered if anyone else has had experience of this
  8. M


    Hello I have never had any diagnosis being psychotic but many years ago I was given Largactil (tablet form) Then I was given an injection (in the backside) I think monthly, which I think was the same thing. 1.What are the long term side affects of this drug? 2.What other medication would be...
  9. ~minnie~

    Can they force meds?

    Bit hungover today....my own fault I know but needed to drink last night went to see my cpn yesterday....spent nearly an hour with her....shes nice.....but I still dont trust her I gave her my letter on whats going on with me and the voices....she read it and asked me questions She asked me if...