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  1. S

    injected antipsychotic med

    Hi I am new here but have cared for my son with mh problems for over 3 years. He was on depixol injection but had terrible side effects so was put on oral olanzapine. He has remained stable for approx 18 months but recently relapsed. Psychiatrist wants him to try abilify injection & I am really...
  2. S

    plan to die tonight

    Make or break tonight have sourced what i need done my research on how to do it not the ideal death for a proud strong man but I've tried other methods but haven't been able to break my body's fight for survival so I have consoled myself that I deserve to slip away painlessly just let me add I...
  3. T

    My son is refusing his meds because he can't get an erection. .

    My son was hospitalized for three weeks in Sept. He had stopped taking his meds and spiraled downward. The meds were changed to a monthly injection and daily meds for anxiety,etc. He is desperate to have a wife and kids all of a sudden (at age 52). It is a nightmare to get him to go in for the...
  4. Z

    i feel institutionalized.

    hi, i feel i dont belong in this world, since i was 14 ive been in care of social, probation, prisons and mental health hospitals. i actually feel as if ive become institutionalized. when i was really ill, the doctors isolated me in a small room, with plastic furniture, once a week the doctor...
  5. W

    How Do Voices "Make" Us do things --

    Hi Ya Folks -- I have been grappling with the "Auditory Hallucinations" for Quite some time and the perception on "How They Make Us Do things" has been -- Looking at the Core Mechanisms which they use -- 1. It has been for a long time felt that the "Voices" do "Thought Injection" into us...
  6. V

    New life getting off abilify

    Its been a long road with hospitalisation for one year for schizofrenia my doctor believes i dont have this disease any longer i am training every day and going down 25 mg injection every month currently on 350 mg do you think i Will experience any withdrawal when tapering off this slow...
  7. vanish

    schizophrenia medication and mood

    Hi All I am wondering how many out there are on depot injections... I take flupenthixol injection every 2 weeks as part of my medications for schizophrenia. However both I and my psychiatrist have noticed that right before my next injection is due, I experience an intense depression which last...
  8. B

    Can I ask my Phychiatrist for a Depot Injection instad of Tablets?

    I am currently taking 300mg of quitapine and 600 pregabalin and Prozac alongside 3 Hrt tablets a day, I am worried that I keep forgetting go take my medication and I have double dosed quite a few times. Am I allowed to ask my Phychologist for a Depot Injection instead of taking all these...
  9. porkpie

    Depot injection tomorrow..... What to expect?

    My GP refused to administer the injection at his surgery, joined another practice and now they've refused to do it. Got to go to the large mental health hospital tomorrow at the depot clinic, what can I expect? Whats the process?
  10. fazza

    Feel like I am being experimented on

    I have been taken off my combination of olanzapine and risperdal consta depot as I had stopped taking the olanzapine and had a bit of a relapse. Now they have put me on a haldol depot but only gave me a 50mg test dose and given me 5mg tablets to take whilst the depot starts to work. Now they...
  11. F

    Illness doubts and the insight question

    I am not well as in living a normal life with friends,a job, and doing things many others do but something keeps telling me i'm not genuinely ill but just socially dysfunctional . Even trying to reality test by saying ' would you have been having psychiatric care for 40 years, and would they...
  12. A

    Aripiprazole (abilify) depot injections?

    I apologize if I've asked this before, my memory is completely useless. Is there and if there is, is anyone on the abilify depot injection? I was supposed to be put on this injection (my current psychiatrist said) but I've heard nothing since the start of February about it and no mention of it...
  13. Catastrophe

    Anyone on here using the depo provera injection?

    I've been on it for about 6/7 months now and I haven't had a period for like, 2 months. I know it can stop/completely mess up your periods but I thought you'd have to be on it longer than this to do that :| Did anyone else's stop that quickly? Me and my boyfriend haven't been using condoms as...
  14. Fairy Lucretia


    is right about medication ,ive realised this since been given this injection thanks for your help x
  15. ~minnie~

    can they make you?

    i have refused my depot injection as hannah one of my voices is saying its poison i have had a difficult christmas dealing with the voices spending the majority if it on my own am scared of my own shadow at the moment.....the voices are getting me down with some visual hallucinations too that is...
  16. F

    Knee pain going up and down steps

    Went out for injection. Niggling but manageable knee pain till i had to go up steps. Got to clinic to find lift out of order. Had to climb stairs. Did it with much gritting of teeth . Was literally on my hands and knees for several steps. Luckily no one saw me. It would have been so...
  17. Fairy Lucretia

    depixol injection

    anyone had it? does it help? xx love x hugs
  18. R

    ECT thread

    I was thinking today after reading that the late lou reed had ect that theres not a thread for that, it's something thats covered up even more than other experiences. I had ect i know it's now only elderly people who had it though rethink claims it's still used, it used to be very commonly used...
  19. F

    FDA Investigates 2 Deaths Involving Olanzapine

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating 2 unexplained deaths of patients who received an intramuscular injection of the antipsychotic drug olanzapine pamoate (Zyprexa Relprevv, Eli Lilly). The patients died 3 to 4 days after receiving an appropriate dose of the drug, well...
  20. M

    anyone on antipsychotic injection

    Anyone on antipsychotic injections for bpd. Need advice to approach my pdoc. Thanks