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  1. N

    Can they Recall CTO - section me - injection me then release me same day?

    Can they Recall CTO - section me - injection me then release me same day? I've been threatened that if I don't comply with my forced injection they will recall me back to hospital, inject me and they release me the same day. Can they do this?
  2. S

    What do you think to this idea?

    Well I'm on 60mg Depixol injection every 2 weeks, was on 40mg and was stable most of the time unless I got drunk. Now I'm thinking of lowering my injection to 30mg and asking my doc for Haloperidol prn. What I'm thinking is if I can bring on a milder episode then take the Haloperidol when I'm...
  3. P

    WhaT a doolally.

    The psychiatrist says I got paranoid schizophrenia, I say no I have a personality disorder. Every letter she sends me it says I have this SZ, mainly positive symptoms. They have me hooked up on this horrible monthly injection. The injection is pure torture with the pain and side-effects...
  4. R

    I Am - Poem I wrote about depression

    Here is a poem called 'I Am' that I wrote when I feeling quite depressed one day. I hope it can offer inspiration for people to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions and find the support they need. DON'T GIVE UP! I am the poison in the apple I am the darkness in the room I am the devil in...
  5. M

    Hi im new but paliperidone

    Hey i may have an aggression problem when i suddenly stop medication such as paliperidone, i stopped it for a week and suddenly i hear voices and been getting voices till now, usually they would say it before i would say anything which is quite annoying actually haha. But im not really sure if...
  6. S

    abilify injection

    Hello Does anyone have any experience with Abilify injection? How do you get on with it? Do you think it's a good anti psychotic? I'd be very grateful for any input. Thanks
  7. S

    Going to reduce my dose this Tuesday

    Something my pdoc will disagree with but its time to start reducing my dose. I'll be reducing depixol injection from 40mg to 30mg, it's every 2 weeks.
  8. T

    Voices making me gloomy.

    I hear spirits, they sometimes guide me, sometimes acuse me of being a creep, acuse me of being good for nothing, sometimes give a spoken account of my actions ie "he's going down stairs" "he's getting out of bed" "he's writting it down"...... I have been put on the highest dose of a...
  9. M

    trying to get off medication

    Iv'e been in mental hospital a couple times, the last time was in 2012, have been on medication for 3 and a half years in community. Still on mental health act. Trying to get off meds due to side effects and believe I will be fine off meds. Planning on getting off mental health act through court...
  10. M

    What was it?

    Years ago I was given an injection every 6 weeks for depression. Does anyone have any idea what it could have been? This was along time ago m
  11. S

    does labido come back after discontinuing Depixol?

    ive lost my libido from taking depixol. I haven't had an injection of it for about 3 or 4 weeks and I wont either because they've taken me off it. I still haven't had it come back at all. how long will it take for the depixol to go and if it does go will the libido come back? im highly disturbed...
  12. fazza

    Depot pain. Can the hit nerves in the back area

    I had my usual depot on tuesday and now I can hardly walk. The pain is from the injection site down to my knee. I am worried that my c.p.n has hit a nerve. Nothing I take will take the pain away.
  13. V

    clozapine injection

    Is it possible or have they lied to me?
  14. Abbierad92

    help: zuclopenthixol injection

    Has anyone had it and if so how long for? How often was it monthly? Thanks
  15. Abbierad92

    depot injection?

    I've having my first depot injection on weds and I'm a bit nervous it is zuclopenthixol or clopixol? Anyone willing to tell me what a depot is like?
  16. Abbierad92

    zuclopenthixol? depot injection

    I've just been put on the zuclopenthixol injection. Has anyone else been on it?
  17. porkpie

    Being apathetic.

    I told the LD community nurse who enthusiastically takes me for my monthly depot injection that I'm totally apathetic and have lost interest in life and don't enjoy it anymore, sleeping 16/17 hours a day and she didn't give a flying fuck as long as they give me that fucking injection a month and...
  18. F

    FDA recommends no changes to Lilly's schizophrenia injection use

    (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it would not recommend changes to the prescribing or use of Eli Lilly and Co's schizophrenia drug after a review of two deaths. Elevated levels of the drug, Zyprexa Relprevv, were found in the two patients who died in 2013, three to four...
  19. prairiechick


    Wanting desperately to go to the store to get the things I need to end it once and for all. I wish so much that I could be euthanized, to be in a peaceful place. I would just quietly slip away and never return.
  20. vanish

    Flupenthixol Depot

    Among other psych drugs, I have a fortnightly jab of Flupenthixol 60mg. My question is for those among us who also are flupenthixol patients. Do you feel depressed and flat a few days before and after the injection? I hope I'm not the only one who is. :BLAH: