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  1. N

    When you go for depot injection?

    What would happen if they inject a bubble from the syringe into your arm/bum? I have been having depot injections (against my will) for 5 years. I went 4 days go for my injection and I had a trainee injecting me under supervision. Not painful, the next day no pain but then over the next 3...
  2. S

    Depot injection??

    After speaking to my cpn she has told me my consultant is going to offer me the depot injection for my suicidal thoughts. Does anyone get this? If so does it help? Are there any bad side effects? Thanks in advance Shelly
  3. soulsearcher

    are you on the depot injection?

    hey peeps was wondering if youre on the depot injection?
  4. fazza

    Anyone with schizophrenia moving from dla to pip

    Got the dreaded brown envolope tellying me that my dla is ending and i need to claim pip. i have a regular cpn visit plus i am on a depot injection every two weeks. My question is does anyone here have schizophrenia and claiming pip Thanks
  5. N

    It's not in my benefit to be mentally well.

    I heard that the ESA assessment people only except evidential documentation relating to your condition from the two years previously meaning anything before that is ignored. So basically this makes me think I should kick off now and again because if I've not used the mental health service in two...
  6. vanish

    Flupenthixol injection and severe headaches

    Hi MHF peeps. I get a 60mg (0.6ml) of a Fluanxol (flupenthixol decanoate injection) fortnightly. Usually about 12 hours post injection, I get severe headaches and tiredness. Is this usual? The headaches usually fade away by the 24hr mark and the tiredness hangs around for about 24hrs post...
  7. S


    Hey I'm Syron.j from Canada. I'm new on this forum and here's a little bit of myself if you'll take the time to listen At 18 i had my first hospitalization, that was in 2012. I went on and off of medications many times, ended up a total of 4 times in the psych ward and it's been about 3 years...
  8. F

    In hospital and desperate, question about Aripiprazole

    Hi, I am presently in hospital on a section and I’ve just been told that, as far as I can see totally unjustifiably, tomorrow I am to have an injection of Aripiprazole forced onto me. I’ve been here for 17 days but have only seen the doctor once when I first got here and that was for only five...
  9. dan george

    How to come off Community Treatment Order and Abilify injection

    Hello Mental Health Forum, I am new to this forum. I'm looking to get some help regarding my situation and condition. I have been on a Community Treatment Order for 2 years now and the Mental Health Review Tribunal recently renewed the CTO for another 4 months. They have diagnosed me as having...
  10. stanhalen

    Sexual Disfunction with Invega

    Just begun Invega over the past few weeks and feel like a unic. I think invega is basicly risperaldal and had the same problem with this in the past as well as chronic constipation. I mentioned my concern with the shrink and was just shrugged away as nothing to worry about, and not worthy of...
  11. Zardos

    Paranoid About My Depo

    Its my injection later today.. And I've started to worry about it... i can't remember when or maybe more importantly where i was when they first started to inject me.. i really can't remember... When i go 'strange' i never can remember anything... The only thing i do remember is being on the...
  12. N

    Refusing depot injection?

    I'm finding my depot injection annoying and painful, the site is still hurting after 3 days and I'm sick off it. I'm going to refuse my next injection and continue refusing. I know a week after the first refusal the police will pick me up. I'm will willingly go with them to the hospital and have...
  13. N

    Antipsychotic injection painful in opposite deltoid after injection?

    I know this sounds weird. I have the injections in opposite arms on alliterative months. Had it in left deltoid muscle Wednesday just gone and again I've had pain and tenderness in my right deltoid right after the injection. It's not psychological. Why does that happen. Does anybody else have...
  14. Funnyday

    Three monthly injection

    I've been offered a new treatment for schizophrenia. I forget the name. Instead of a monthly injection it will entail an injection every 3 months instead. Anyone else been offered this?
  15. I

    treatment stoping-worried mother

    Hello i'm a family doctor and i wanted to consult about my son, 9 years ago at the age of 20 he experienced 'acute psychosis', he was admitted to a mental ward for 3 month, his diagnosis was 'paranoid schiz'. while staying there he was treated with medications, and was given 12 electerical shock...
  16. S

    The argument of do people really care

    Do they really care. They always have some new treatment, the best they have out. It was labotomies at one point or being burned. Just how we get this treatment then we are supposed to be greatful get off our arse and live life to the fullest. Excuse me but with this injection in my arse and...
  17. F

    Personality disorder and depot injection

    Interested to know who else here has a non bipolar/schizoaffective/schizophrenia diagnosis and is on a depot injection.
  18. B

    Community Treatment Order and Aripiprazole depot injection ruining my life!

    Community Treatment Order and Aripiprazole depot injection ruining my life! Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum. I am looking to make new friends who can help in my recovery, exchange experiences and build and share friendships :). I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2014. In my opinion...
  19. cpuusage

    Psychiatric nurse injected with drugs by patient

    Psychiatric nurse injected with drugs by patient - News - Newbury Weekly News This is a really interesting story in the Newbury Weekly. A detained patient "...attacked a nurse with a syringe, injecting her with powerful drugs before she could escape." In the same article it states that the...
  20. L

    Anxiety and serious sweating

    Hi! I have a serious sweating issue which limits me from applying cosmetics. This issue irritates me as I continue sweating very badly. So I considered taking botox hyperhidrosis treatment . It has been booked for the next month. But I'm terrified now as I heard that the cerebral pain is a...