1. L

    Someone taking over my body...?

    CW: Internalised homophobia Hey there, I’m new here, and I largely made this account just to make this post, as I’m struggling. I’ve been meaning to find somewhere to post this for a while, so here goes. Just to preface this, I don’t need anyone to respond telling me to see a professional, etc...
  2. J

    great to be here

    see you off for a lie down my head is buzzing there is so much info take care though himpto
  3. S

    Some clarifications about schizophrenia

    links are not allowed to be posted by new members,so... A lot of things with "schizophrenia" are in common with "hearing voices", so that i don't duplicate things, there is some clarification about this in "Hearing voices" forum and some useful info for someone may be at "Hearing voices" ->...
  4. Teddy Bear

    Hi, I'm Teddy Bear

    Hi, I used to post on here years ago, but I completely forgot my username and password so I had to join up again.:rofl: I recognise a few of the names on here still. I know there is lots of info on here so I will have a look around. Teddy Bear x
  5. R


    hi i know i need to be here but i dont know why . i have some things that need to be put right ! im not like every one else when it comes to emotions but i have no idear why . its a problem that has grown as i have . and for this reason i dont really know where i should post to start with ...
  6. sheeba8188

    Local group info request

    Are there any local groups which meet in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire?
  7. B

    Informal patient now - can I ask to see my notes?

    I'm currently staying informal (by a string) at a mh unit and I've opened up to a few staff as struggle but there are very few decent staff on the ward so off loading to the same 3 poor staff. I have epilepsy also and I told a member of staff the other day I had a aura (warning) that's a seizure...
  8. jasmine2015

    The now card

    Has anyone any info on this bus pass that is free to disabled:confused:
  9. goku23

    Hi, new here

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and just thought I'd say hello. seems like a really great place here and seen some very helpful info, hoping to make some friends and also help if I can! take care.
  10. Sparklypurplepaws

    esa - permitted work?

    Hi, I'm looking to try and go back to work part time, I've been on income related esa - support group for two years. I've read about permitted work under esa but I just can't get my head around the info on the gov. Website. I'm reading into it that I can work up to 16 hours a week, earning up...
  11. F

    9 myths about schizophrenia

    Info » IAI TV A course by Bentall.
  12. P

    hey all

    Im craig, 23 ex squaddie from kent , live in medway and generally at the edge of my limit I think, check out my post PTSD for more info on whays going on in my world, but it is great to see local people who I can talk too!
  13. A

    Don't know anymore

    I am trying to get stable . I'm a good mom but I'm struggling. I've been hanging out with my son's aunty on his dad's side. I don't know if she actually likes me or is trying to take my son. She puts on a good show to get what she wants I've noticed . I'm not sure if it's just a show for me or...
  14. I'm Kate

    *** trigger warning *** self harm

    Hi I won't go into specifics here as I know it's against the rules but it's more about the after care. If I have now have a couple of small lumps on my arm under the skin, does it mean it's possibly an infection? Can't find any info online and not sure whether to go to walk-in centre nearby...
  15. O

    Hello from someone on meds.

    I just thought I would say hi and introduce myself because I am new here. I have only posted on a few threads so far but I already find myself coming to this site often during the day to check what is going on. I found the forum by looking for info on meds. That is why I chose this silly...
  16. F

    I think all these years make sense

    Hi just some advice from people who know a little more than me. I'm 25 about 4 years ago I think this started. Depression. I can't go out. Cleaning is impossible. Proper miserable. Get over it after month or two. Sometimes feel normal. I think. Sometimes feel so good. Very vain like I'm...
  17. I

    Today we WON the tribunal against ATOS and DWP

    Thank you to those who responded on my previous thread, we won, it took all of 5 minutes for the judge to finally stop the questioning and inform us we had won. Message me if you need any more info, if I can help anyone, even with just a little info through this disgusting procedure then I am...
  18. G

    want to be a ptsd psychologist?

    Hi do you know the pros.and cons to this job? Any info on what one has to do in the career?
  19. O


    Looks interesting. I will be watching. Starts Thursday 31 October 9pm Channel 4. Bedlam - Channel 4 - Info - Press
  20. P

    **Need honest info on bipolar disorder**

    I need info....REAL INFO from those who suffer from bipolar disorder to tell me about, particularly interested in info involving relationships.....expectations, behaviors, mannerisms, etc....please. my on again off again bf- I suspect is bipolar. He refuses to be evaluated but our problems are...